Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. 89stang1 ill see you at e town Saturday !!

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  2. cool Jeff see ya there weather is looking great!

  3. looks great bro!!!
  4. You will get there dude, start at the top of my thread, it wasnt always this far. It used to be a orange /red interior , AOD , 2.73 geared slouch!
  5. Heck I'll be happy if mine sees the road this year lol
  6. Jeff your car still looks great man anymorr plans for upgrades?
  7. Motor prob this winter , gonna enjoy the summer , fix the ac , re do the stereo , then after that's all done 5 lug swap

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  8. Nice notch. I was looking at the pictures... What does the odometer say? There isn't any wear on the floor board at all. Have you had to fix the console or ash tray?
  9. Let me know when your ready for the five lug swap i have some rear oarts you may be interesred in
  10. Car has 150k on it , interior was swapped to grey and I still haven't transferred the ashtray door yet from my red console but its intact

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  11. thanks bro !

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  13. So I got my front components in yesterday , played with tuning the stereo again today , yes I am a nut when it comes to good stereo , Also tried to clean up under the hood before raceway show and go last Saturday ImageUploadedByTapatalk1372291751.371572.jpg

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  14. Whats your speajer of choice? Mines hybrid audio and j and l
  15. J&l , Alpine, Nakamichi

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  16. Car has Old school PPI art series for the doors and deck

    US Amps USA 200 for the sub

    Sony xec 1000 5 way cross over

    also have a brand new never opened haffler crossover from 93 to replace the Sony when i re do it all again

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  17. Yeah my tacomahad four 6 1/2 hybrid components two tweetets on a 400pic rockford amp and a j and l 13tw5 sub thats 13.5 inch lol only slim sub i could find powered by a alpine 1000 amp
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  18. So friend of mine is building a 408 , in return I am buying his TFS twisted wedge 170s , tfs1 cam, hardend push rods Nd rockers for 900 bucks

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  19. That will help out in the HP will sound nice too...