Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. My OCD is kicking in again. I hope while you do this install you do a wire tuck. If you're going to the block you'll have plenty of room to repaint the engine bay. Also if you know how to weld this will be the time to cover all those holes that aren't needed. I did this with my 94 and it came out great. No more spaghetti wires.

  2. It's in the plans as long as the funds allow motor prob won't be built until winter time

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  3. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1372706662.658098.jpg Maintenance is progress ?? lol

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  4. 100 bucks from LMR
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  5. So i am in a pickle ladies an gents..
    my passenger fender has been driving me crazy, it is aftermarket cuz it was hit before i owned the car.

    I rolled everything in prep for a possibility of putting fr500s on. I had the turbines with the big tires on them so i didnt notice it when it was painted but the fender had a small crease this i knew from the accident i had lack of funds to change it wasn't a big deal.

    But what i didn't realize is that the cheap fender widened the wheel well and from certain angles i can tell. it almost makes it look as if the car has the wrong offset wheels on it. I tried to adjust it an it made a small dent in the wheel arc. I rolled most of the dent out with my knuckles so its not noticeable but how wide the fender is is driving me nuts. Any opinions on what i should do. I have enough paint to do the whole car again so i could shoot the fender and it will match, MY painter will do it for me i just dont no if i should leave good and good alone ?
  6. Me I would look for a factory fender have your painter re-shoot and re-hang it and call it a day in the end you will be much happier I wouldn't take this fender off until you had the new one ready to go on...that way you can still use it until that one is ready to go on...that me
  7. oh nothing is coming off until i have a fender in paint. And a used factory one with out the gt kit holes is like a needle in a hay stack
  8. Post in on fox body addicts..LOL someone should have one....
  9. Those guys are wanna be know it alls most of them.. that place needs a tampon as you know lol
  10. LOL your right about that...I quit bad ass fords the other much drama...
  11. Im getting very close to deleting FBA as well...
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  12. hubcentric spacers to push the wheels out a tad?
  13. thought about it but its only one side it will throw the tracking off etc like I said its not horrible but I know it's there

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  14. I am going to find a front fender And my painter will paint it with no issue I will try to find a Ford one if not I will get one from late-model. Finally figured out my low power issue my friend set the fuel pressure regulator wrong it was at 22 PSI turned up to 39 car runs much better!

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  15. zoom zoom
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  16. I do agree with FBA ppl whine way too much on there and most don't know much about cars
  17. nope they all pretend and then talk like they know just like the post that went on for 15 hours about a 84.5 in short belt for a smog pump bypass

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  18. Jeff you talking lx fenders? Dude i had two of them just no lower spats for like a year and finally threw em away
  19. yup need a pass side because my OCD is irking me

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