Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. had the car out tonight and man it feels great since I took care of my fuel pressure issue but I am getting a suspension banging out back on the driver side so either the carrier bushing is bad or maybe a hiem joint ... I don't no but it's only on hard bumps you hear it so that's next to address

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  2. You want a guys number he has like a hundred of them haha
  3. PM me it , they are in good shape ? and where is he located

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  4. I mean they need paint from the ones i seen before and the ones i had but then i threw them away. But they were all rust free and straight
  5. toolow91 I read back a few pages you said you wanted a set of fr500 wheels? now I know that guy I sent you the number to when I was looking for wheels and found my cobra r's he had a set of fr500 wheels you may be interested in they were going for 500 bucks for the whole and they were in great condition man. I hope he still has them when you call him you can ask him he doesn't have to many people know about him.
  6. Thanks million mike! I was looking to do maybe silver fr500 but i think i have my heart set on chrome pony r s
  7. Yeah these were black with a mchined lip looked reall nice
  8. Ahhh man, I love the Cobra wheels. But it's your car.
  9. trust me I am torn ... it's the brakes I want it to stop on a dime or close like my 00 did

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  10. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1375142717.354093.jpg this is my bang .... that's when you forget about those bushings you used that were new at 4 am cuz that's all you had when you did your rear ... I have hpm spherical on the other side .... Well just orderd these ImageUploadedByTapatalk1375142776.766253.jpg

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  11. Sharad - what's the warranty on them if I have any issues

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  12. Excellent choice! Lifetime Guarantee!
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  13. Thank you sir I can't wait to get them in , 2 posts up are what's left of my 4 month old new rubber

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  14. Yeah, that's scary stuff... but BEEN THERE! It happened to me on the drag strip. Swaying around on the big end is NOOOO BUENO! :eek:
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  15. Have fun getting your old ones out unless you got the tool
  16. Cake ... I just put them in in December and my 20 year old ones came right out when I built the rear ... I used anti sneeze on everything when it went together but I'm just gonna hit the cup with my air hammer and it should just fold it and fall out

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  17. yeah this guy right here aint got no air hammer haha so i used my brute force and a screwdriver and pb blaster to get the old cups out
  18. Ouch ! I am sure that sucked !

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  19. Torches are my friend
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  20. I guess the car is running pretty well tearing it up like that!:eek: