Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. I have turbines for it just no DRS yet I am done for racing this season will be out next year HCI
  2. And going for some 12s!!?? Nice looking notch!
  3. You sir have nailed it right on the head
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  4. Sniff sniff** do i smell a pic coming? Lol what hci combo you thinking about jeff
  5. My buddy has TFS twisted wedge 170 coming off his car this weekend actually he's going 408 . I am getting heads , cam , rockers and push rods for 900 and then I need a better intake cuz I feel my gt40 will choke this setup
  6. and possibly a bottom end once I get some ot
  7. Yeah just started working for the city fixing buses so more money , stability and blah blah but no OT for another 4 weeks until training is done
  8. Yeah I def would upgrade the intake because it will be a choke point. The gt40 is a great looking intake just doesn't flow enough. I personally like the Holley intake the best for what you're doing but you can't go wrong with a lot of different brands. Either way you should get into the 12s easily:nice:
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  9. Box r intake and then procharge the sob
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  10. I likes my holley but thats for other reasons too
  11. Just slap a turbo on that thing forget H/C/I turn up the boost
  12. Holley was a consideration , being that boost could be a future option
  13. While I like turbo I like rowing gears and those two while fun just don't jive
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  14. Yeah i hear ya...thats why i like the AUTO with a turbo spools fast and holds boost thru all the gears..its fun to drive with a Manual VB....;)
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  15. I know everybody and their brother have done it but a blown h/c/i with your 5sp would be cool. That way you can say screw 12s I want 11s!!:rock:Ps I love spending other peoples $$ lol
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  16. You guys have this all wrong.......Vortech FTW!!! :cool:
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  17. Pssh says the guys with a vortech that could eat a small child^^^^ @84Ttop
  18. send the intake to Tom Moss for porting and it will flow like gangbusters.
  19. yeah , and then if I go blower I have access to a downs box as well
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