Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. Blowers are nice no doubt..i just wanted to give a turbo a happy with
  2. Says the guy with a Vortech that DID eat a small child ;)
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  3. Woah 0_o
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  5. Muahahahahahahhaah!!!! :D
  6. (in all seriousness, that's probably when my car was the most fun. Stock 302, 12lbs of boost) I could drive it anywhere with no issues.
  7. i was honestly thinking of throwing my tfs stuff on it, just do a stock rebuild 306 and 8lbs of s trim or equivalent, and let it fly. 400 out of that would be more then enough to have fun.
  8. To be honest with you I have TF 170cc heads worked...TF street Heat intake and I left the stock cam car drives like stock until you hit the go pedal then all bets are off...LOL...but I know what you mean..Before the Turbo I had a stock long block with a blower with 10 psi it was fun and reliable....
  9. yeah for the price I won't pass the heads rockers and push rods up . I would love to throw the blower on this combo , the kid who I am getting them from had a stock 170k bottom end and this setup making about 420hp
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  10. Chameleon?
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  11. Looks very nice!!!!!
  12. HCI + Low Boost = Lots of fun on the street! (if it hooks)
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  13. Man i need to get my a ss in gear for this turbo build i cant have jeff beat me to it @TOOLOW91
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  14. Isn't that what UPR is for? Its not if it hooks, it's when it hooks! ;)
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  15. well see guys I may just do a HCI build for now may do a 10:1 stroker with a small shot

    Mike still got the pistons for 331 ?

  16. Now your talking i love installed a zex kit and plate system on my 300 about fun to drive....:D
  17. I have pistons for my old 306
  18. got ya . might just order a 10:1 331 probe kit
    from Chp and let it
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