Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. Tore down the car last night , removed all trim locks lights quarter windows marked off all the areas that's needed attention , mounted the cervinis. Was towed this morning to the body shop should be out Friday or sat and back together Saturday night
  2. just to keep this in my thread -car rolled off at 12pm , excuse my buddy in the pic a68989f2-0605-2310.jpg
    a68989f2-062c-f09f.jpg a68989f2-063d-aa9a.jpg all back together
  3. thanks guys !!
  4. It looks good. I really like the wheels, sits 2 " too high. Where do you live, in the foot hills?:D
  5. thanks mike lol, soon enough im thinking steeda sports everyone keeps raving about them
  6. Turned out nice, glad u painted the molding!
  7. Ok so no picture worth updates but. I did outer tie rods and ball joints thursday, still needs a good set of shocks and struts. Wires the car through the week and installed my stereo which includes-
    Nakamichi pa200- tweeters
    PPI AX400- front and rear mids
    US AMPS USA 200- Sub
    Front and rear - Kicker 5.25 , Alpine type s 6x8
    Crossover- Sony XEC1000
    Sub-JLAUDIO 10' w3 in a pro wedge box
    Tweeters JBL p26t

    Im a bit of an audiophile and while i love good bass i need crystal clear mids and highs along with it....
  8. Coupes must be lowered.
  9. It's on the list I promise .... Also scored a set of 3.55s from a buddy of mine gonna buy a trac loc rebuild kit and build my rear out of my 93 and roll it on under the car
  10. So like I said I was gonna slow down big time - waiting to order rear control arms , battle boxes , and a rear end kit to throw the 3.55s in
  11. Your notch looks gd I like the cobra rims on these cars. Lower it and throw 410's in there unless you plan to spray or supercharge then 3.73's. Only IMO I had 3.55's and hated them. Gd job keep up the work
  12. goin with. 355s because I'm ddin still and I'm gonna eventually get another dd and put a blower on this thing but it should be alot better with 355 goin from 2.73
  13. a6898877-4d77-e61e.jpg

    WOOPS uploaded a pic from work meant to post the gears
  14. a68989f0-5c70-c5a5.jpg random whoring on the ride to work this morning
  15. updates updates! still lazy havent done the gears... got a new battery tray from a buddy. picked up bbk subframes that are bolt ons but im gonna weld them .. couldnt pass them up for 50 new in the box. also got black lx seats for the front to start the interior... ok now what people like to see- 2583wwx.jpg
  16. More progress , friend of mine picked up. a snap on modis with all the adapters so we were playing with that and found my computer free and clear of codes !

    So i then decided to check something I had been meaning too that being the timing . Boy did I get a shock ! Spout out the base was set at 6* so I turned it up to 12 and went for a ride ... too much timing In it as I rememberd I had regular in the tank so I backed it down to 10 . I started running 93 so when I fill up again I should be clear I'm gonna bump
    it to 12 .

    I have a complete rear coming to me in exchange for doing some work for a friend . That should be in this week possibly with my subframes and then I'll sell my gears and the 2 stock rears I have . Well that's all for anyone who cares!