Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. Yeah they are a .030 piston and stock rod length
  2. Sounds like a nice Christmas Gift for yourself!!!
  3. should be enough. to have fun with and just add a shot for the track ;)
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  4. @84Ttop thoughts or recommendations in prep for spray ? Forged piston ?
  5. any thoughts on this with TFS 170 and possibly a small shot ?

    @Rick 91GT
  6. Definitely Forged Piston! 10:1 would be nice, still should have good street manners and you can get away with running 93 octane pump gas. As far as the top end, TFS 170 is a nice cylinder head and I would really like to see a custom cam if you intend to use anything 150 hp or more worth of nitrous. What type of setup are you thinking for the nitrous? Also remember that the pistons you order with the kit are usually specific to the TFS cylinder heads because of the laid over intake valve angle.
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  7. was looking just to maybe run a 100shot like I said the nitrous is a big maybe but wanted to be prepared , still want complete street manners . I like to use the car as you guys see but I wanna have some fun at the strip
  8. My only concern is that it always starts out at 100, then it goes to 125, 150, 175 etc etc. I have seen this progression a hundred times. I have yet to meet someone who has just settled at 100. If you can be happy there and settle then more power to you! What are your ultimate ET goals?
  9. Nice build.
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  10. Maybe mid 11 and still be complete street car with a/c and p/s . also really don't want to put a bar in it I really want to keep the interior not cut up
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  11. Thanks man took a lot of time and patience so far
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  12. Sounds like your goals and expectations are right in line. Don't discount the bar all together. There are ways to tuck and hide most of it. I lay the main hoop back even with the b pillar and it can't be seen at all. I've even done 10 points where you cant see the halo from the side profile of the car. After all a mid 11 second car is moving pretty good. 120 mph? The bar is for your safety after all, and if anyone can attest to accidents happen, that would be me!
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  13. you have a very valid point , I figured I wasn't too far out of the ball park as far as where I wanted to be with the combo but I like to ask guys with more knowledge and experience . next question is what do you think it would do on motor alone ? just guesstimate I no where bench racing but could I expect mid to high 12s with a tire ?
  14. Transmission being the deciding factor here, A C4 and the right convertor low 12 second passes all day long if not even faster. A Stick car depends soley on the drivers ability and I mean no offense. For example, a friend of mine has a beautiful 93 black hatch and years ago it made around 450 rwhp and with the tko he had a best of 11.0. Now the car has an r block ysi blower and made nearly 700 rwhp and with him driving still has never been faster than 11.0. To answer your questions more directly, if you can drive a stick well 12 second et's are well within reach with that combo NA
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  15. I can definitely agree with you there , I am still learning but think I am doing pretty good so far still can't get the 60 down but without a tire it will never happen . also don't want to throw a full drag suspension in it because I want it to still mainly be what it is - a street car
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  16. For an example...i had MT ET dr's stock Speed density long had headers,off road H-pipe,flow master cat back...and a crappy Powerdyne producing 10 psi...In my Heavy Vert to boot it was an AOD car,with a shift kit...3.55's i ran 1st run out [email protected] got told to slow it sown being a convertible nothing faster then 13.49...I turned to my Wife and said if i need a roll Bar guess what im really going to need one...thats where i am now with the the 87 GT vert..this was also on an ALL stock was good for high 12's easy if i had more practice...that was the only run i made blower came off motor was done turbo went on...I guess what im trying to say is you have alot of potentional being your lighter but the stick is killing you....Just my
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  17. I like my stick car I enjoy driving it an I mean rowing gears if I was doing a race car I would've never taken the aod out I would've built it . next car I think will be a purpose built track car with a manual vb auto etc
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  18. Yeah sticks are ok You saw my old 90 your friend has that was a stick it was basically a everyday car..i love having my Manual VB lentech AOD now...its a blast to drive around town and im sure going to be nice on the track...I hope....
  19. With good tires and some practice that h/c/i + 5sp will easily get you into the 12s. Especially if you're adding a stroked short block. My old 89 lx ran mid 13s completely stock longblock,stock suspension(except south side bars$no front sway bar) with M&H bias tires. With a 150 shot it went 12.10s-12.20s. My present 86 has gone [email protected] with a 125 zex shot,stock shortblock,slightly ported e7s and an e cam on drag radials. 331+spray=:D
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  20. That OD is sure nice on the highway lol