Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. The key to good short times are

    Proper suspension setup

    But MOST important................

    Drive it like you stole it
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  2. Yup , have decent suspension as far as arms but the rest is lowering :poo: so no transfer , the traction is non existence cuz of tires leaving but as far as shifting well my TRANS must like me cuz I drive the :poo: out of it
  3. Lol, you haven't pissed your tranny off yet because you haven't gotten traction yet. T5+traction+powershifting=dead T5. I've done it waaaaaay too many times. :jester:
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  4. God do you know it...I love driving the car now I take it to work at least 3 times a week now so nice getting on the highway going thru 1st,2nd,3rd spooling the turbo passing everything is get to were I want to be hit the switch and Bam OD its so are down car runs way better seems faster could be my imagination but the car spools faster pulls Hard just a nice setup now....Im happy cost me the C4 even trade....
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  5. Sometimes the young whipper snapped knows a thing or two ;)
  6. Oh I never doubted you just ble my other AOD got a great deal on the c4 said what the hell i'll give it a try...great trans just not for me..then I got an offer to trade the c4 for the lentech AOD I have yes you can say I told you so....:rolleyes::p:D
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  7. Nice looking build! :)
  8. Thank you !
  9. I could use a nice 3 row for this thing ;)

  10. Well jeez, I plan on boosting my 88 Vert with a ProCharger I have chilling on my desk and you're making me want to convert mine to auto!
  11. I will take anyone for a ride that has a stick..that wants boost ...After you ride in a Worked Auto with boost you will have a nice grin...Just remember there are very few people who can shift as fast a worked Auto..And a turbo loves a with an auto thats what is does it loads it up...just pulls like a freight train...
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  12. yep. turbo + auto=:jester:
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  13. I concur that's why next car maybe a single turbo fairmont with built AOD .
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  15. Where do I have to go to get said ride in a turbo auto?
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  16. Where do you live ???
  17. I want to do a box top car though not a fan of the futura though I do love his project .
  18. Is this where I offer a ride in my Ttop car? I'll have all the turbo junkies on the morning train to California, to pick up a new Vortech ;)
  19. Supercharger for the win. No turbo headaches and no refilling bottles. :)
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  20. I must be lucky I have had the turbo on my car for over 2 yrs...seems replaced on it just oil changes..Oh I did go thru and AOD went to a C4 back to an AOD tho...:D
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