Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. I'm just out side of Chicago lol

    If your offering I'm all for it!
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  2. Catch up with me at an nmra event, I'm serious. I'm not sure of my schedule for next year, but I'm going to try and make quite a few races.
  3. Well that sounds like an awesome idea, I'll have to stay posted on the nmra events you attend
  4. @84Ttop I am skipping the heads and :poo: for now cuz Sunday I am picking up an S TRIM with Anderson power pipe and all the brackets

    @Sharad ^^
  5. Awesome! Sounds like a lot of fun to be had there!
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  6. What heads are on the car now?...what are your doing for injectors and fuel pump?
  7. I approve of this message!
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  8. Stock heads , stock cam , gt40 upper and lower .... gona throw a aeromotive 340 drop in and prob 36 or 42s with a pro m and have it tuned
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  9. Cool...that should work nice...what psi you looking for?....the stock springs are a little weak I found that out when I was running a blower on mine...Hense why I went to a Set of TF 170cc heads...when I went turbo...Should be a nice set-up and fun to drive...sometimes I wish I kept my car more
  10. I'd throw in the 42s. Give yourself room to grow if you do add heads,cam,etc. sounds like fun. I almost bought a used ttrim last week but changed my mind.
  11. what would your buddy charge to tune it and does it need a BTM on it. @84Ttop
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  12. Fwiw, I ran 12-13psi on my stock 5.0 without much trouble.
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  13. be3ygyvu.jpg ude6u9eq.jpg

    He he he
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  14. Pm sent :)
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  15. your the man and like I said you gotta let me no what I need on the car as far as btm etc and also is the 340 drop in ok ?
  16. I run a walbro 340 lph high pressure/ sees fine with running 14 psi...
  17. Cool that's what I was looking for somone who was acutually running it !
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  18. We have used that 340 pump in plenty of cars and that seems to be capable to support the limits of the stock block! I would not worry about the BTM, one more complication to the puzzle. Let the tune pull timing for you, IMO
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  19. the big flat bracket I have too I left it in my truck