Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. Im gonna be dumb here btm? Boost timing module? Or something completely different
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  2. Ding Ding Ding Ding!!! It pulls timing based on boost pressure. There is a knob that you adjust to pull x amount of timing per lb of boost. It is antiquated at best in my opinion as everything is done through the tune up now. A lot of blow through carb guys still use them though in the lower hp level builds.

    Doritos for you @MikeH686
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  3. Yep. I used them in the 90's on my blown mustangs. You simply manually adjust the dial mounted in your car and it pulls out timing. Not very scientific but seemed to work. I'd go with a tune today.
  4. 4a9y5upe.jpg

    Turkey day superchager stuff orderd ! Have arp head bolts as well
  5. What are you waiting for this isn't on
  6. Just orderd this too e9aheqyq.jpg luv being blown
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  7. @MY 85 GT you'll be happy the way I am
    doing it . pulling motor and painting engine bay as well
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  8. Very nice...mine needs everything ...paint..body..interior...but until I have a garage for it I wont do any of
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  9. a6a4u8ub.jpg Somone finally got a bath
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  10. Has the install happened yet?
  11. Negative . just finished re doing and hiding my stereo in the spare tire Compt . few weeks I am gonna yank the motor . I orderd all the gaskets and stuff . my girl is buying me everything else for Christmas all I will have to buy are injectors and have my meter recal.
  12. No recal needed if youre gonna do a custom tune which is highly recomended!
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  13. I have a pro m 75 setup for 19s and a bbk fender well intake , I don't no if that affects how the meter operates or not cuz they ask in the form .
  14. Are you putting a Powerpipe on...say from Anderson motorsports?....they help I had one when supercharged....
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  15. yup came with mine and the Anderson billet tensioner
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  16. While the recal is not 100% needed it does save tons and tons of time tuning because you aren't re scaling the voltage tables for the MAF trying to get the thing to idle right while maintaining good a/f ratios when you have higher air flow in the upper RPM ranges. Can it be done that way, sure can. Would I ever, heck no ;)
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  17. I forgot to update my thread I put it in my tuning thread on accident . goodies came today . mube4aru.jpg
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  18. Can you please come clean my stove? That sucker is spic and span.... I take a look at mine and sauce jumps clean out of the jar and gets into places you can't ever clean it out from.
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  19. That's my girlfriend lol she cleans that :poo: . But can't clean her car go figure !
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