Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. Honestly Jeff I would Try to find something a little better...if you can...the reason I say this is..with boost you are putting some good pressure on the valves and springs...weak stuff you will loose boost..maybe blow some oil out the exhaust...etc..etc...I got mine from twin cities mustang forum.try other mustang check the corral?..they always have stuff there too...
  2. does the link work?...lollet me know,
  3. It works. $1100!!!
  4. No one said its cheap to go fast...LOL....I was using that as an example...there are other on that forum..I like Aluminum heads takes some heat out of the cylinders..aids in helping with pinging...those heads have better clamping force thicker then a GT40 or stock head wont have the head lift under many reason to get Alum
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  5. yes it did I just trying to keep cost down big money want to save to do a motor
  6. Yeah I might be able to find a good deal cheap who wouldn't give up just have all winter....;)
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  7. you know I like to work fast I'll figure something out lol
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  8. Hey @TOOLOW91 if you're on facebook go like this page----> Fox Body Mustang Parts & Cars For Sale. You'll be surprised with some of the stuff that people are selling on there...and most of the people are on the east coast, so you might find something close to you.
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  9. thanks bro
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  10. Sorry for the delayed response, deff need good valve springs, don't cheap out in that dept. The rest looks awesome!
  11. There's some 185 AFR heads for sale on that facebook page for $800 o_O
  12. for 90 bucks it should help considerably over the e7 , I'll spend the money on the trick flows and maybe a TFS 1 cam
  13. Yeah, that's with roller rockers too.
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  14. I bought TF valve spring there kit for the GT40s the shop that did my heads said they were crap...didnt even have enough for the cam telling you please dont cheap out on this..especially with can get away with it With H/C/I maybe nitrous..but i wouldnt with boost.....In matter of fact the guy that did my heads had to get all new springs because the TF ones were terrible...
  15. myje4yra.jpg

    goodies !
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  16. Love the valve covers! I want a set of those for my car too.

  17. should be nice with plan on painting the block red
  18. upeme2em.jpg got these until I have the extra to redo my 86 gt seats
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