Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. And it begins syzygera.jpg u3y5e5ez.jpg
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  2. TRANS is ready to come out mid pipe is out , driver side upper TRANS bolt is fighting me so I called a quits for the night
  3. Are you swapping out the trans along with the blower upgrade?
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  4. not yet . unfortunately right this moment it's just not in my budget . maybe later on or if I get some good overtime being that the TRANS is one of the last things to go back in . I may freshen it as that is only 275 bucks and a few hours on the bench
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  5. e3amynu5.jpg

    brand new bearing retainer shot . only a year old
  6. Steel, or one of the stock aluminum ones? That was my biggest pet peeve with the T5. I went through three of them.
  7. Brand new steel one from latemodelresto , it's there brand though I guess I will be ordering a ford this time around . that explains double clutching to get into first
  8. Possibly gonna have a new short built. stay tuned
  9. Shortblock?
  10. Yesir
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  11. Now what are you doing???....LOL....
  12. Details! we need Details!!!
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  13. once it's official I will divulge !
  14. That is a tease.....
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  15. It's nothing fancy . The gist is I pulled the upper off the other night Nd there is a bit of oil and fuel smell so I am
    thinking the motor is not too healthy .

    My buddy has an x275 car he plays with , his engine builder may build me just a 306 forged pistons with all the machine work etc so we have a stout bottom end with no issue
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