Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. Very Nice this going to be done by spring?...
  2. I am on overtime until 12am tonight ;) and 20 hours last week lol
  3. Cool Better you then me...LOL...sorry im don't with OT....;)
  4. Well technically I have been done since 515 but I gotta wait until 1150 to punch my card lol
  5. ?
  6. lol, typed a comment into the wrong topic
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  7. uvyha8e9.jpg 42s are here
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  8. Where did you get them from how much???
  9. my friend scored them about a year ago and they have been in the box in his garage . I sold my 24s and meter to a mutual friend of ours and just have him give that money for my 42s
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  10. You ask this like they're highly sought after or something?
    I have a set just laying in my tool box lol
  11. don't think they make the ford racing ones anymore new tried to look for em and couldn't find then any where new
  12. Yup the FMS 42s are no more!
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  13. That was my
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  14. Mine may be going on craigslist then because I had no clue lol
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  15. aquratu6.jpg vintage goodies
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  16. ^^^ Nice gauge i like that...I have an old Autometer boost gauge.Its bet mine is from 87-88...My car was supercharged almost out of the factory with the old Style Paxton SN92,,,i sold that then went to a newer blower then now poor Block....
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  17. Yeah my buddy hooked me up I thought it was used he sent me a pic I was estatic I love the motorsport stuff
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  18. Ordered single gauge pillar for the boost gauge and also got my 2 1/16 cup for the AFR as well today
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