Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. Suspensefully waiting for this project to be finished.... How is everything for the engine coming along?
  2. Hey Jeff we gotta go to E-town..Line up next to each other...Hopefully i can get my Mustang there this yr...if not i will just take my
  3. Well last night I had a brain storm and remembered I have 500 dollars in rods and 700 in custom pistons from my old motor . so I am building the motor with that just waiting on taxes to move foward . slowly but surely evenu5u4.jpg

    so it will be a long rod 306 like my old motor
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  4. Don't count me out! I'm only about 1 hour 15 mins from e town. I could bring the 91GT for a little street car shoot out action!
  5. Awesome we all deffinitley have to have some fun once I am all done
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  6. Looking Foward to it...cant wait!!!
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  7. re2uvedu.jpg

    forgot I had these slugs . this is what the new motor will be built with . long rod 306 eagle h beam 5.400 rods Ross custom flat tops . that should do the trick I think @84Ttop
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  8. ^^ Nice!!
  9. Wish I didn't live far from etown lol why couldn't it have been Mir you guys come down to hahah
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  10. @84Ttop I don't know how much you know about long rod motors of if you can ask for me , am I gonna have detonation issues with the blower because of the piston being slower at tdc ? I am reading mixed reviews , stangnet sticky says yes search on other forums says the opposite that it won't have an issue .
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  11. Curious to see your results. What's the max rpm do you plan on spinning it? Hyd roller?Heads?etc.
  12. Me to lol , max maybe 62 if I am really beating it up but other wise it won't be shifted too high , Hyd roller ,heads I am unsure of waiting for my w2s so I can see what I may be getting back before I do anything else
  13. I'm gonna be ignorant here what's a long rod 306 I assume it's .30 over with what? And what does this benefit?
  14. 5.400 rod slower on the down stroke from tdc faster up from Bdc , this is what was in that motor I had I am trying to use it if I can .
  15. You'll be fine with the longer rod. I haven't seen any issues with the long rod at all. We just finished dynoing a long rod 306 w/ TFS heads that made 630 rwhp with the Si trim and really conservative timing.
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  16. thanks pal
  17. Do you have to put reliefs in the cylinder skirts with the longer rod
  18. Yesir
  19. Thank you for over an hour of reading! It's been a great book so far, keep it coming looks and sounds great brother!