Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. anytime I know I have spent a lot of time reading other peoples so now I am returning the favor lol
  2. a5asyhen.jpg wide band found a home
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  3. pugugyqu.jpg 02 sensor in and out of factory grommet
  4. I just picked with up I couldn't say no I plan on having @84Ttop buddy tune it at some point but I figure this will get me rolling for now
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  5. I like the gauge placement! Now get that thing tuned! Lol
  6. yeah I just hooked the battery up to make sure I hooked it up right . my original thought was to use a gauge cup and mount right on the coloumn . looked super tacky so I got to thinking and cutting and came up with that after I used my red dash for mock up
  7. Going Old school! I'd like to know how that works out for you. I have thought about trying to snag one cheap if I could.

  8. for 200 bucks it was worth a shot to me plus i like all the 90s stuff for these cars.
  9. So all in all it's been a busy day in the garage hence the multiple posts , I also got my speedo gear in so I will know how fast I am going .

    Orderd my meter for re cal from pro m as well so that can go out this week !
  10. like the steering wheel !
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  11. what it that?...I never saw one of those before...
  12. an extender. it takes the eec and lets change the rev limiter and afr from 9:1 all the way to 13 or 14:1 by the dials. Set the dial and drive it just to fine tune it . I t was the beginning of tuning technology, I am gonna use it to get myself going with the car and then eventually have a chip burned for it.
  13. That thing is awesome.
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  14. I hope it does what I need it too for now
  15. That's awesome !!!!!!
  16. Yeah I also paid to have pro m re cal my meter last night so that will go out ups tomorrow
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  17. the meter is officially on it's way to pro m
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