Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. Can you tell a difference after bumping the timing? If you don't hear any pinging it should be good.
  2. It was at 12 because I still had regular in it ... Let me tell you the difference from 6* to 10* is like night and day and it seems to be getting better gas Miliage
  3. Like said Friday it will have a full tank of 93 in it and
    I'll try bumping to 12 and leave it there if it pings I'll turn it back down .. doesn't hurt to try
  4. collecting collecting collecting ... orderd eibach pro kit springs today , gonna order shocks end of the week next week I'll throw them in
  5. Love the car man. Cant wait to see it lowered.
  6. Thanks !!
  7. Cars lowered incase anyone didnt see me whoring. Also picked up Tockico Blues and poly isolators for the rear . Had a great day today here are some shots.
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  8. You should be able to get more timing out of it then just 12. A buddy of mine went up 1 degree at a time to 18 and it finally started pinging ever so slightly, back it down to 17 and it was perfect. Nice improvment for sure.
  9. a68958af-2719-26de.jpg
    a68958af-2733-e17b.jpg a68958af-2750-5135.jpg

    Some pics my friend took with her Nikon at AM show and the rear springs and Tockicos are in !!
  10. IMG_2213.jpg a little old school svo ...
  11. Looks great. I really dig the Cobra rims.
  12. So BIG update no pics yet-
    I had some of my specs off when i made the orig post

    This week comes-

    317CI Stroker
    Eagle roatating assembly Forged
    Comp Cam
    Edlebrock Performer RPMs
    GT40 upper and lower
    24lb injectors.

    Picked up a C&L 76mm for 24s , Spark Plugs, TOB, Antifreeze and misc gaskets and crap. Als0 have a RAM HDX going in it . Should be a nice little boost in power. Motor made 480 with a Vortech on it when it was built. Should make like 320-350 without the blower . Eventually i will go supercharged but i couldnt pass up the motor for the price.
  13. 5ydyny9u.jpg this pic was before I cleaned it up with simple green
  14. Nice. What kind of deal did you get on that motor?
  15. Picked the whole motor up for 1500- The rotating assembly is probably that alone. There is not a hole lot of miles on it its been ran and moved around most of its life.
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  16. more goodies ! uvamugy4.jpg
  17. y3ebaru9.jpg almost ....
    9anehe3a.jpg thats me in front of my car with the glasses ...
    mame6ege.jpg miracle of birth y5udemud.jpg almost
    zejy9ehy.jpg :) started it realized had a bad vacuum leak , called it a night at 530 am sat morning . Realized that intake had a hair line crack in the runner ... downs box it is ! hadumu8a.jpg needs rear gears ASAP it is tricky to drive with the cam can't wait to feel the power once I do the rear but it feels and sounds awesome

    Started at 7 pm friday night. Motor was in and running complete exhaust and trans in at 430 am. Went home at 530 am. Back at it at 930 to sort little headaches. Drove it to work today
  18. SO i think the Downs is too much for the street plus my lower is not tapped for ACT sensor. So i orderd this up. IMG_2516.png
  19. Sweet thread! Love the updates. I love Simple Green!

    Can't tell you how much better the car looks lowered. Goodness gracious! Looks killer. How do you like the Eibach springs with the blues struts/shocks?
  20. Thank you , it makes it worth it to post when people notice!! I like the ride. It is not harsh doesn't jar you too bad but you still know it is lowered. My 00gt with h&r ss and kybs rode like it was on leaf springs, this is much better