Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. 6al and btm picking up for 100 bucks this week , making moves !
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  2. Ups shows pro m has the meter

    Spoke to late model today my boost gauge pod was on back order should be out hopefully tomorrow or Thursday . They received my balancer and are inspecting a new one and sending it to me today . Those guys are top notch over there
  3. Nice when your done with yours you can come fix mine..LOL.....that or im driving it thru a wall...Im being to hate mine something bad..........
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  4. I had the same issue you are having on top of I also had a hanging idle with. that old motor I had and I could never cure it , changed intake gaskets and manifolds etc I got the whistle gone but couldn't get it to ever idle right ever
  5. Just sold my bbk fender cold air for black visors that I needed and a c&l filter to go on the end of my mass air meter plus 40 bucks
  6. pumps in , new sending unit and grommet . gotta get por15 and do under the tank and then it will go back in
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  7. re5amu8u.jpg

    gettin it in over here tonight
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  8. All nighter?? Can't wait to see your results. Good job
  9. till about 6 am lol
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  10. Well I orderd the por 15 last night to start doing the floor I plan to get the up the the tq box area done this way I can put my tank back in
  11. Is por15 rolled on or sprayed on?
  12. I am brushing it on . I have had friends that have done it and it self levels itself as it dries and is smooth @MikeH686
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  13. Is that sound deadener?
  14. I gotcha when I was first starting on my car I need se rust repair done and the guy quoted me to fix minor rust issues and por15 the engine bay for 4k I was blown away by that
  15. no it's like a paint that after the spots are treated won't let it come back and it also makes the car look nice and clean underneath . I have no rot the car is clean I just want to be preventative and clean it up renytyta.jpg uvenyjyt.jpg

    you can see it's pretty clean under there
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  16. Ok, cool!
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