Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. y7u8ezur.jpg

    4 day weekend after tomorrow so I should have the floor done and tank back in .
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  2. Looks good under there!
  3. Getting there , I just did up to the bottom of the spare tire well so I can get the tank back in
  4. This looks like something I need to do because my underside is terrible *no pun intended*
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  5. Waiting for warm weather so I can do the same to mine.
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  6. as nice as the por lays on I suggest zero rust in the spray cans because getting In those little places with that brush sucks!
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  7. zwks3q.jpg

    my girlfriend just ordered me this for my birthday next week
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  8. That guy makes some killer stuff! I met him at MIR last year. You'll like that cross member for sure!
  9. helped my buddy install one in his car and he sad it was night and day Even the stiffness of the car
  10. Who makes it?
  11. Stifflers
  12. Hey Stiffler, to :urmom:

    Anyways, nice girlfriend that you have to support your foxbody addiction.
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  13. she try's she has been better lately . some days she understands and some days she can't take it but overall she's a trooper
  14. My wife didn't care much for my addiction when I bought my 87' t-top but when my (then) 4 year old son took hold of the addiction as his own she caved in. She then convinced me to add another to the garage; a MAF converted 88' notch 5.0. She is now supportive since my son is becoming a gearhead like his Dad.

    Nice build, you've inspired me to build my notchback along with my GT t-top.
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  15. I'll be looking into that since I'll be doing my tank upgrade. Do something while I'm there.
  16. Nice cross member whats the benefit of using that?

    Oh and my wife [girlfriend at the time] she paid to get the turbo done on my car..she is awesome also loves cars and to race...I was lucky to have met her!!!
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  17. much stiffer over stock stops that wobble you get in the shifter on the road when hitting bumps and stuff
  18. More for a stick car?..i don't notice that with the AOD....
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  19. they all have some bounce to them but you dont notice on an aod because the shifter is mounted to the body of the car where as a stick the shifter is riding on whatever the trans is doing just sticking through the hole