Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. Good to see I'm not the only one blowing money out my ass-cannon.

    I opted for the un-shiny TB from Summit. At 139.00 it was cheap enough. Besides,...there'll be plenty of other stuff goin' on on my engine to take peoples eye off my "natural" finished TB:rolleyes:
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  2. No Mike, you're not the only one. I'm about to drop about $1100 on a fuel system for my car tomorrow. In the past 2 or 3 weeks up to this point I will have spent close to $6k and there is still more to buy. I haven't bought my rear suspension yet and I still need shocks, struts, and a few other parts and pieces for my front suspension. I'm gonna stop typing now because I just realized I'm well over $12k into this build and I feel myself getting sick just thinking about it.:puke:
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  3. I threw up and moved on a long time ago... Lol
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  4. Ahh just think though,...While you're buyin all that metal junk,..everyday is like Christmas.

    If I were to add up all of the money spent on cars just since I got out of the Army (and there was quite a few before that)
    I'll bet,.....100k.
    All on cars that weren't worth a chicken's d ick when I bought them.
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  5. @madmike1157 can you please put a dollar value on a chickens di¢k?
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  6. Let me think about it:

    W/O a chickens d ick there'd be no egg.

    W/O an egg, I'd have no Egg McMuff diver for breakkie.

    I'd therefore be hungry, and would not focus well at work.

    The lost efficiency at work as a result of my hunger would be equivalent to me dickin off for one hour a day.
    65.00 lost each day,.....x 365 days,....=23, 725.00 annually.

    23,725.00 x the 10 years I have left to work= 230,725.00

    ** Not to mention the millions mcDonalds would lose by not having a breakfast sandwich.

    In conclusion: a Chicken's d ick is priceless.
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  7. So in short you are saying all of your past cars were gems and while incredibally valuable they would never not even after all of your loving care be worth a fraction of a chicken's di¢k?

    Sorry for the hijack Jeff.
  8. I gotta let the guy have his thread back,....a chicken's dic kscussion is just too long to go into here.
  9. qega3ygy.jpg In heaven. yhaba2av.jpg aqeje5eh.jpg

    worked on getting a lot of the stuff out tonight so my buddy can come splash some color on it next week
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  10. Cute gloves! Lol

    @Sharad. This man needs a UPR K member if I'm not mistaken!
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  11. @84Ttop and cc plates and cool over suspension and a flaming river manual rack for good measure lol
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  12. Well there's the problem right there....


    There's an ass-hat caught under your hood. o_O
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  13. Looks good Jeff...And wow these guys love spending your money...LOL...
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  14. I have the cc plates in a box in the garage . no manual rack for me I love power steering . and also would love the k but I blew the budget so far out this year I don't think it's gonna happen
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  15. Amen brutha.
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  16. Spending other people's money is WAY more fun than spending your own money. :jester:
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  17. here's where I left off last night yme2a9e9.jpg
  18. 6e2ety5a.jpg

    time to go get some sleep I have work at 12am
  19. Uhm Jeff? Why in the hell did you put an empty box in the bay? @TOOLOW91
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