Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. hybrid
  2. Looks like a donations box lol

  3. :lol: Where's the Paypal link? :rlaugh:
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  5. I just made yet another order with LMR for the felt along the back of the hood the belt routing and ac stickers and the hood prop rod plastic
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  7. Holy Polished blower tube!!!
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  8. Polishing tools: Advil, TV remote, a sheet of paper, and some rouge. AWESOME!!! LMAO!!
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  9. started prepping the bay today before work . looking to shoot color Saturday e7ajuzum.jpg
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  10. Looking good Jeff! Did I ever say how much I hate body work?
  11. you and me both nick ! I just want to be in my drivers seat cursing again . @84Ttop and more goodies today I made a trade for these usazy5e5.jpg
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  12. I did that a lot when my car wasn't running too. Lolz
  13. I meant to say cruising lol
  14. For a minute I thought you were missing all of your Turrets moments.....
  15. no but the way I yell when working on this thing the neighbors may think I have it.
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  16. You should have heard me last nite went to back my car out of the driveway and i have a B&M hammer shifter for the AOD...well i went to put it in park it didnt do anything just moved the cotter pin came out of the T part that you use to engage the shifter...So this is were it gets better i had to have my wife sit in the car to hold the brake...i did have the emergency brake on just dont trust them and the car was on the slope of the driveway..anyways had to take the shifter plate apart oh did i say this was at 8pm nice and dark out... so she was holding a flashlight while i was trying to replace the about FUN and
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  17. It never ends !
  18. Never Jeff....and the problem is i wouldnt mind if it was one car..but its my wifes 2 cars i work on her Truck the check engine light is on...My 300 i have to do upgraded i can spray it this car needs the cage, subframes installed...i want a re-tune...the list is so LONG...then The house list comes in up after the winter...oh then there is taking care of the animals...LOL...God i just depressed myself....LOL...
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  19. this is what I have to look forward too in life huh? lol