Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. Put that thing in our classifieds man!

    Just want to remind everyone that the classifieds in this forum are searchable too. They also get over a million Google hit EACH DAY. Lastly, they're FREE. If you don't mind shipping parts, THIS place works better than Ebay.

    There's even a WTB section if you're looking for something.
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  2. nice!.....glad im not the only one.....i had a few of those bills,and im up to 15g! less than 2 off to be a freshen up with some heads.....put money down on house or car? can

  3. Don't even go there. I just about got divorced. lol
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  4. i know a few people in that boat!...i raced my buddy one time at the track and it cost him 10g to supercharge his 05 and now hes costing me more too! the end were going to have gutted drag cars!!...and living on the
  5. It wasn't almost for me... It happened! Not over the car but still lol
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  6. Doesn't count. :nonono:

    Ya damned thread derailer. :p
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  7. Noobz:hail2: has spoken... Everyone get back on track and stay in your lane ;)
  8. I wasn't really advertising it. At this point if I knew somebody that definately wanted to buy it I would sell it and imediately buy the Trickflow Box R and 90mm tb. But I don't want to just put it out there because I need it for my motor and as soon as I get my pushrods the rest of the top of the motor will be buttoned up and ready to be dropped in the car.

  9. That's what I mean... That's what we do here. Post all that info in an ad in the classifieds and you'll likely find that exact person. :nice:
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  10. Nice Jeff this is going to fly...who is going to do tune for you?
  11. Most likely nicks guy at all out , or Big Daddy in lake wood
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  12. I love new stuff ImageUploadedByTapatalk1397771734.491999.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1397771742.542919.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1397771748.708618.jpg
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  13. Man... I'm sure glad all these dudes are popping up with the PMS all the sudden.

    Cuz when I get around to putting mine in, you guys will already know what the silly problems are.
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  14. I am a noob as well I can't wait . I bought it cuz my buddy who was turbo had one and the car drove and ran mint with 60s in it in the dead of winter
  15. I bought an entire car with mine. lol

    Picked up an 89 and ton of parts. The PMS is one of the things I kept. I still have the car but it's a work in progress. It's not getting anything that will need a PMS for, that's for sure.
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  16. Yeah stay on track while he posts about the classified section lol
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  17. Just because i never cease to amaze myself or you guys anymore. My ocd got to me. I said to myself how am i gonna use a used cam on brand new everything. Well i am not. Being the issues i had with my other motor i really am turned off by anything having to do with it including that cam.
    So i just ordered a brand new TFS1 cam . My buddy who had the blower loved the drivabilty with it , idle is nice etc and i know it works with the heads.

    Also ordered the tfi plug adapter kit from msd. So in the event i have an issue on the road with the car i can unplug it and plug the coil in and still get home.
  18. Fixed

  19. Well atleast i was thinking ahead.knowing the pos they are. IT is an older unit so i am hoping it isnt a issue right out of the gate that it lasts. It has a brand new harness in it from them.
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  20. My next major purchase for this car ya know after trans and power adder (maybe leaning towards vortech @84Ttop ) will be going to a pro-m harness and coil pack ignition
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