Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. In NY anything older then 95 is only a safety inspection . and I have a custom plate so it's no biggie plus my early years I have a less then good driving record . ImageUploadedByTapatalk1399918777.551107.jpg
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  2. I wouldn't want to be a passenger in a car with license plates that say "love bein blown" :hide:
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  3. Don't certain States put limitations on what you can do with your vehicle in order to get those antique or classic plates? In WA state I think you can't drive more than a certain amount of miles per year, can't park your car anywhere unless it's at a car show being shown or else it has to be on a trailer when going point A to B.
  4. LMFAO
  5. That's another reason , I love using the car when it's nice out I take it to work etc I don't need the hassle

  6. some state is limited, my state, no limit, use it like a regular tag, just dont ever need renew, can drive any where, day and night. Drive every day if you like, that is why I put on my 89 LX for summer DD ^^ , but ask your state to see what limit.
  7. For Washington State:

    For using Collector Vehicle plates

    • Collector Vehicle license plates must be displayed on the rear of the vehicle. If you provide a set of restored plates, they may be displayed on the front and rear of the vehicle.
    • You don’t need to display month/year tabs on Collector Vehicle plates.
    • Vehicles with Collector Vehicle plates:
      • May be driven:
        • To and from auto shows, circuses, parades, displays, special excursions, and antique car club meetings.
        • For testing purposes.
        • For the pleasure of others without compensation.
      • May not be used for regular transportation in the manner of a fully licensed vehicle.
  8. where you get the info from ?
  9. I dropped the pan off and forgot the side tray supports lol . the bearings are in the pistons are all assembled and ready to go in and the cam is in . he said he plans on getting it all done this week he's been busy which I seen when I was there so patiently waiting
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  10. Add two weeks on top of whatever they say it's going to be. As long as it's done right and not rushed is the important thing.

  11. Yeah the only leverage here is that it's a good friend of my whole group of mustang buddies so it's not like he can hide lol Iseen the motor I am not worried it will get done
  12. @84Ttop so I eventually plan on getting the valve covers from you . but for now what can I do about my pcv ? should I put a freeZe plug in the lower intake and then run a breather cap on the pass side cover ? can I get away with it to get the car tuned and driving and then I can add the catch can later ? I am racking my brain here
  13. Nice weather over most of the country for the last week-ish. THAT's what happened.
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  14. To my opinion you can do that it will just wreak havoc under your hood with the fumes I should take a vid with my catch can it smokes pretty good
  15. I spend more time on here at work then I do home lol
  16. hmmmmmmmmm what to do what to do
  17. do it once, catch can setup
  18. Yeah first time I took it for a drive I thought something was on fire when I was sitting at a light
  19. LOL. I'm gonna have to order a can and all that . once you get a list together I will order and then have nick do a set of valve covers for me