Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. they are vinyl head rests unless the wrapped them with mesh In the center
  2. More updates ! I traded the 92 seats i have andhave now aquired- 89 center console, door panels, dash , qt plastics, and kick panels!!
  3. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1354624811.557084.jpg Jeep loaded up !

    I just orderd the SEM stuff to touch up the coat hooks and other Misc stuff
  4. I'm in the process of dyeing my interior. I have black interior that i'm throwing in but i just wanted it to look new. Makes a huge difference! I thought the black interior was nice when i got it until i re dyed it and it looks way better now!!!! Also as long as you use adhesion promoter on perfectly cleaned parts than it really holds up well! Unless you scratch it really hard with something metal
  5. I just orderd the SEM and adhesion promoter to touch mine up

    edit - Didnt realize I said that already man I am sleepy today!
  6. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1356056551.132082.jpg brown truck came today - upper and lower t box reinforcements , clutch fork , pivot ball , input bearing retainer , tail shaft seal .

    Ordering clutch tomorrow and all this is going in next weekend with a new fly wheel and my sub frames and the bottom of the car getting a coat of zero rust while the TRANS and rear are out
  7. I love that brown truck. You are gonna be a busy bee.
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  8. love them flu wheels :D
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  9. its special like my spelling skills on my phone haha
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  10. Oh another update. Centerforce dual friction on the way... My finger was shaking on the way to hit the checkout esp a week before Christmas but i don't want to put junk in this thing and every clutch i have read about has a lot of positive followed by a lot of negative about it where as everyone loves the Centerforce .
  11. Can you post up some pictures??.....converting mine as well -............ Toolow91....sorry to hear about that motor - I bought a few used parts as well and I've been burned really bad ....
  12. It sucks man esp a motor that ran like a top but you live and learn ! And post a few int pics up here as well .
  13. Ok here is some pics that i have so far. Sorry this is all i have i've been really lazy lately and still have crap everywhere and a car that has been ripped apart for over a month!! lol but ill get it done! These are before and after pics, and by the way PICTURES DO NOT DO THIS JUSTICE! They are like mint show quality after being done. The last pic with me holding the plug against the center console is an auctual black plug, it looks grey but it's not thats what all the pieces looked like before dying. A little bit of them looking so rough might be the Tri-sodium phosphate that i used to clean them but they did look rough before.
    2012-12-21 21.41.56.png 2012-12-21 21.50.09.png 2012-12-21 21.53.48.png 2012-12-21 21.54.50.png 2012-12-21 21.59.38.png
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  14. looks alright if you axe me.

    however i see a small blemish near the ash tray
  15. Looks good i need to get motivated and start mine !After next weekend and i finish the fun stuff ill do it
  16. did u install the TB reinforcement kit yet? i didn't read beyond that post to see if u finished it.. i never done one and was thinking about doing it to the next shell i get..
  17. Yea it actually was cracked there and that was the repair. The pictures make it look ten times worse than it is and i really cant complain i paid $60 for complete black interior minus the front seats!
  18. Next weekend its all going in - Subframes, TB reinforcements and all the drive train crap. Ill have some pics during the process
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  19. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1356711574.116724.jpg love me some ups packages
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  20. Centerforce! Very nice. The console work looks great, too.