Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. @84Ttop @TOOLOW91

    So you guys were the cause of all the protesting? :scratch: I'm going to start another protest, called Occupy Jeff & Nicks garage!!
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  2. Me ? NEVER ;) I love the hobby nick on a personal note my father is what got me here and I lost him 15 years ago he was 32 and I was 8 and we were very close . So any dollar amount is worth it as it's something that I feel our relationship exists through ! so yes I stand with you in the 1 % category proudly !
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  3. I'm the same way. I've already planned for a 200-300hp shot of giggle gas for next year and I'm hoping and praying I come into a big chunk of money so I can put an 88mm turbo on it.....and TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! :burnout::banana::cool:
  4. Hehehehe I love it
  5. maybe @84Ttop may no . does anyone no where I can get black couplers for the discharge pipe on my blower to replace the blue that doesn't match in my engine bay ?
  6. or even red ?
  7. Correct me if i'm wrong... are they 2 3/4" id?
  8. I think so but I am not sure I am gonna have to measure . the blue has to go though my
    OCD is kicking in .

    Anyways I plan on getting some miles on this thing today I have the PMS setup sith a base superchager tune from stangtuning set to pull timing under boost etc . I would just like to get idle a bit richer but I don't see harm in no boost street miles just to break the motor In some ?
  9. Race parts solutions has anything you need check them out Jeff...
  10. @my85gt thanks pal !
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  11. so I took the car for a ride AFR is pretty good around 13.7-15.2 cruising along I put it slightly into boost it riches right up like 10.4-11.5 but I have an issue . a big one . the Indian head that the engine builder used did not seal the water jackets right and now I have you guessed water leaking from the head studs down the motor . pretty pissed I don't even no what my next move is yet besides getting it back home . temp ran like 186-200 which isn't too bad car deff needs an alum rad .
  12. Why did he use that why not Fel pro 9333 pt1s and you have ARP head studs no? sealer on mine been fine for 3 yrs now...
  13. he did use 9333 pt1 but your supposed to use the thread sealer on the lower studs because they go through the water jackets . he used inidan head on them but I am still getting water through them .
  14. Anderson also claimed in my start up sheet that the car needs a T. rex . that was the point of getting the 340 was to not have to run a T. rex
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  15. @84Ttop . what do you think . if I have to seal the studs can I do one at a time and toque them back in and not have an issue cuz I really don't want to have to pull the heads
  16. Oh ok gotta Jeff i have no idea what they used...on mine never leaked...but i would think you can take one out at a time use good sealer re torque from middle out...i could be wrong tho see what other guys say...And i run a walbro 340 and 42s im sure i make more HP then you and my air fuels are fine...i also run 14 psi...a little more then you...i think your ok with that pump....
  17. I think its a crap shoot as to whether or not it will work. You being boosted, I would think, will make things more difficult. I it was mine, I would give it a try. As long a it doesn't hurt the head, the worst I can see is that the head gasket blows, at which point you will be pulling the heads anyways.

  18. Me too that's why I chose the damn thing . sorry guys not being nasty toward you guys just a little p/o at the moment .
  19. This is true I just figured if you equally take the torque off the head and put it back on one at a time that maybe it shouldn't hurt anything