Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  2. So today's run down is I pulled the intake cleaned the heads and intake spotless

    Flipped a hose a had backward , installed a u shaped hose for the bypass instead of the ghetto cut hose I had back there .

    put it all back together , went and picked up the rad , tomorrow I'll install that and the hoses and burp this baby . also gives the permatex time to cure like a rock before fluids get to it
  3. oh and I need to vent the pcv completely because I am already getting in oil in the intake . yee haw . I may just leave it like this for now to not have it all over the engine bay until I do a catch can setup
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    This with a 160 outta help it cool a bit
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  5. So the afco didn't work out being that it is more of a universal radiator . the upper hose won't clear the blower and the fan shroud won't fit right so my buddy is gonna take it back no issue . I just re ordered the mishi moto
  6. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1402468241.406610.jpg Out for a ride tonight

  7. How is that base tune treating you? Running well? Put your foot into it yet?
  8. I haven't really beat on it I mean it really runs well it stays 14.3-16.2 cruising no boost if I blip it I pull right down to 10.5 -11.3 but I haven't smashed just cruising car has plenty of power I was doing 75 last night on the highway just cruising a long it felt great
  9. Getting beyond aggrivated today i had to walk away from it. I am ready to give up knd of aggrivated. I went to work on it today to track down the vac leak i had . Find the loose intake bolt. Take the car up the block put fuel in it and it wants to die as i am leaving . Like a vac line popped off but it didnt. I start fooling around reset the tps and now i have a car that surges. TPs sweeps without car running no issue. Set it all up set voltage start the car and the tps signal is dropping out according to the pms which is what i think happened as i was leaving the gas station.
  10. I'm just talking in the breeZe here but I have one other idea . maybe the msd is taking a dump and back feeing the electronics just causing mayhem
    on it all I am gonna bypass it tomorrow and see
  11. Let me know how it turns out, I have a 6AL waiting to go in my car and lately I've been hearing MSD horror stories.
  12. Car runs mint will post story to follow it wasn't msd ImageUploadedByTapatalk1402683284.421263.jpg
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  13. So basically what went on is my tps took. a :poo: or was already and just finally did it . I put gas in the car went to pull out and it was like somone pulled a vac line off it wouldn't stay running etc . I tried resetting the tps after driving and noticing the signal was dropping off. Finally I went and bought a new one and put it in but was having trouble setting it . got it set but after one full sweep of the sensor I was getting a signal code in the pms . I went back today and made test leads and put my meter so I could see it in the car . I went from idle to wot a few times to see what the voltage was . I then set the pms in these parameters and presto this thing runs mint . reconnected the msd took it for a ride got it washed and we are back in business I plan on going to a small show by my house with it tomorrow morning . Sorry for being long winded
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  14. Damn that car is SEXXY BRO!!!!! I never thought a notch would look that great with the SC reps. I was wrong.
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  15. looks mint also,said it before but nice work!
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  16. Thank you so much boys . Cruised to a local show today good 50 cars about 20 mustangs took second place ImageUploadedByTapatalk1402778955.437824.jpg
  17. Congrats! 1st place must've been something to beat your car.
  18. Those are some HQ shots.
  19. Picked up an clutch for the fan today . gonna try and get it in and take her to work tomorrow . also need to vent the pcv too much oil going into the intake and if all goes well this time I. really mean it well be ready to tune