Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. After playing phone tag and all this I finally caught up with Kris @ all out and we may be getting something together as far as tuning this thing ASAP waiting on a call back today or tomorrow @84Ttop @93TRANSAM
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  2. Request: Start up, idle and walk around please? :shrug:
  3. @FoxMustangLvr tomorrow I am taking it to work I'll get it for you
  4. Tomorrow is the big day with the fan if it passes the test going to work and back and doesn't get warm stopping for lights and such I'll send the black magic back . if not in it it does
  5. Car running hot Jeff....what temps...mine was last yr I did a few tricks it seemed to help...
  6. it runs mint cruising never over 190 it got to 220 the other day sitting still at idle it hasn't been over 200 with the new fan clutch today or last night @my85gt
  7. What ambient temps?
  8. today well see mid 80s and pretty humid just like Saturday
  9. You're also not running with any boost right? So you can't really know how your cooling system is doing till you get your tune and run around with that Vortech doing what it was born to do. I wouldn't send that Black Magic fan back until then.
  10. it's seen a hit or two but notning crazy I think the underdrive water pump pulley is doing it honestly . I think I need a cobra water pump pulley cuz the stock won't fit with the belt
  11. I'm trying to find a cobra water pump pulley is like a needle in a hay stack
  12. I just found one and bought it from PPI freaking 170 bucks but I think this is part of the issue is the water is not moving fast enough at idle
  13. That's the down side to UD pullies, only benefit you when you're going fast. Not that beneficial for daily driving in stop and go.
  14. I had problems last yr most of it was the C4 its an AOD again that helped...but what I think really helped was the upr air dam...and the cowl hood which I know you have...and yes once in boost she will climb trust me...another reason I love meth injection cools the intake track down a lot....
  15. yup that will be out the Window
  16. @84Ttop what do you think about this ?
  17. I avoid underdrive pulleys like I avoid the plague... Exactly as you describe it just spins the accesories slower which usually has poor results. Keep in mind that the crank pulley is now a stock size so that needs to be factored into the equation. I honestly have never had a problem fitting the stock water pump pulley on an engine with a Vortech. I know when/if you switch to an 8" crank pulley it will be really stinking close but even that clears all of the cars that I've seen/owned. With a good cooling system you shouldn't have any trouble cooling the car even while romping around town on some of the hotter days. I would advise that you be careful and become aware with your IAT's, this will tell you when the blower is heat soaked and when you need to cool off with the happy pedal. Lastly, I'm not a fan of meth injection one single bit and look at is as more of a band-aid for good fuel. I have personally seen even the "best" meth systems stop working or simply run out of fluid.... This can definitely ruin an otherwise perfectly good trip to the track or cruise to a show. You likely are not trying to squeeze every last pony out of the motor so I vote for letting it ride sans the meth injection (my .02 cents and I'm sure I'll get read the riot act for it, lol)
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  18. Nick I agree on the meth part 100 percent . also as I showed you I can't understand why it would not fit with stock pulley but the tensioner sat on the pulley even with a new belt . kid I got the blower from had a cobra water pump pulley as well so I am waiting on that and I think this issue will be in the past
  19. I agree nick to a point...that's why I have a huge bottle which will not run out while crusing around and also a light so I know if the take is empty and a light for the pump so i know that is working car tho isn't a all out race car..either lol...and for what is worth I like the cold IATs with the meth injection on a nice 90 degree summer day.....but I agree things break and mess up...but to be honest I have a snow performance kit I paid a lot for and knock on wood or my it hasn't skipped a beat yet...
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