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  1. Do they make an intercooler system for these blowers I think they do right?...when mine was supercharged in boost those temps sure climbed....
  2. could always tune for E85 no?
  3. I installed a snow kit for a friend same setup as you awesome kit I just worry . @84Ttop what is too hot of an IAT in your eyes ?

    Ride home moderate traffic we got to 206 not over heating but still too warm back to 196 when I started moving again it's about 88. degrees with 50 percent humidity aka :poo: air
  4. I have deff seen guys plum them in . that may be a winter project with a big red race blow off valve lol
  5. Cool Jeff that might help...196 isn't to bad I think your ok to like 220 anything over that I would worry.....
  6. as you can see I am deff being over protective with it but I just have so much wrapped up in it here I just don't want to have to do something major again . Id be real upset
  7. My car in boost hits 200 or so but cools down fast when driving again....but I have no way to measure intake temp im sure that is cool when I drive the car hard and I get out afterwards the intake feels way cooler then the rest of the motor im thinking that is the meth helping a little...
  8. that most deff is meth helping a lot of bit lol
  9. I fell behind on this thread but I come in for an update and what do I find???

    Sex... Lots and lots of pictures of it. o_O
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  10. I find it hard to look through this and figure out which ones Jeff and which ones @MY 85 GT... Damm you red foxbody avatars!
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  11. I almost took the wheels off because you didn't approve right away ! I even tagged you but I know you keep this place running so you get a pass
  12. As far as IATs go, I've ran them well over 300 degrees on race gas and never as much as a clipped plug. On pump gas you need to be a little more conservative with the timing once Iats start to get much over 200 degrees. With the pulleys that you're running now I wouldn't be concerned at all. I would refrain from hot lapping the car at the track but that's about it. The tune can be setup to pull timing based on IATs as well. When/if you swap to a renegade type lower pulley you could consider an after cooler but it still isn't a have to have for me. We ran a 331 with an x trim for years non intercooled and went bottom 9's with ease and still ran pump gas
  13. ok I grew some balls tonight pretty sure I seen about 8lbs in 2nd gear and I am finally happy because this thing feels fast AFR was rich so I felt ok with that no more until it's tuned I just needed to know that it actually is fast .

    I am still getting oil in the intake esp after my boost run so that's an issue and it's sitting right in the tb and leaking through my blade and down my valve cover . I got a oil separator to put in the line to stop this for now . I thought I was going on fire I pulled over checked it and found no that's just oil burning off the valve cover and header lol
  14. Same thing my car did
  15. yeah huh . it's aggravating me bad the oil sep is a band aid for now but it's better then the BBQ / oil screen I got going on behind me

  16. Haha... Sometimes it takes me more time to make the rounds. The wheels turned out great! ! All nice and snug inside of their respective wheel wells. :nice:

    Those deep dish are awesomesauce. The whole combo (car color, whheels, stance) has gotta look sweet at night too. :drool:
  17. Try running an open breather and go into boost lucky i have an old sock wrapped Around it to catch some...i still need to do my catch can...that should help alot..and i think if any only is getting in the intake that can make it run richer i think....could be wrong on that one...
  18. I would be careful going into boost without the tune if I were you, do you know where the timing is under boost? If the AFR looks good, that is only one piece of the puzzle.
  19. Oil in the fuel lowers octane. Not awesome for boost.
  20. He should just break down and do what I laid out for him. Man someone should dig that parts list up and make it a sticky @Noobz347