Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. I have a feeling it's in the TRANS boys I really do my buddy is gonna take a ride this weekend in it . it's more pronounced in reverse then other gears I think the main shaft is bent . honestly
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  2. Well it very well could be, it wasnt the happiest to begin with you said and it did pop out of gear a few times on the dyno shifting, you could take it off and start with bellhousing on like we talked about
  3. I think that is the plan . Hey did I leave my soft grip snap on Rachet and 19mm Rachet wrench there ? I can't find it in my blue bag - I had taken it out when we thought we were gonna tighten the blower belt and then threw it on my pass seat
  4. Ill check tomorrow morn. When I get in and see if theres any abnormal tools on a workbench or toolbox
  5. Does the clutch still grab good? A friend had a similar issue and either the disc of the pressure plate failed. It was long ago, hopefully that's all yours is. Possibly something loose in there.
  6. thanks pal !
  7. yeah still feels like it grabs good
  8. That trans just isn't happy with all of that new found horse power :eek:
  9. Some guy picked up that game boy looking thing and made it appear from thin air it was like magic I tell ya !
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  10. I got under the car today and peeked through the bell housing and the flywheel and PP are as Straight as an arrow spinning nothing on the PP looks backed out and as I stated when I used to go to the track

    I used get the vibration but high speed 80 and up so I am going with this is a TRANS issue the vibration is almost nothing at idle even reving it it feels normal for a car with poly bushings etc
  11. this thing is so fun to drive ! i can't thank Kris enough on the amazing job he did tuning this thing . I am positive it's the TRANS I don't feel a thing even in the clutch pedal as far as vibration it's all concentrated in the TRANS and shifter which makes me relieved a bit
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  12. Time for a t56
  13. I'll give you the address your so kind !
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  14. car made it out to my buddies not an issue ran 186-190 the whole ride and didn't get over 196 in town bout a 40 mile drive . oil pressure great etc
  15. I'm about to make my purchase of a t56
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  16. Nice Jeff..glad she is running good!!!
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  17. 100 miles yesterday and all is well . let my buddy check out the vibration he's real good with driveline :poo: and he agrees in the TRANS so hopefully next weekend I'll have another TRANS for it
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  18. Stepping up to a TKO? Car looks & sounds awesome. Congrats on the build.
  19. Thank you ! not right now my buddy has a G force I know is good for cheap
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  20. I don't know why I haven't been getting any notifications for this thread but i just cought up(4 pages). Congrats on the new power buddy! I'm so jealous. I haven't been able to touch my car since we pulled the dash out. Hopefully we'll be able to get a good bit done in the next few weeks.