Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. Thanks bro !
  2. So I have been thinking ( Thats nothing new right) I think i am gonna put the electric fan in . What do my followers think ? Its still in the box in my living room lol. Part of me says do it and dont look back.
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  3. My vote is to make the switch.
  4. Yeah definitely make the switch Jeff what kind of controller you using?
  5. it's a full Black magic extreme foxbody kit with the controller
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  6. Is that a probe in the motor or radiator?
  7. Radiator
  8. My only thing with those is how accurate are they? Not knocking your stuff at all Jeff
  9. idk I have installed them on friends cars and not had an issue but I do have an after market upper water neck with a hole plugged for a sensor because I figured at some point id run a gauge of fan probe in it
  10. If you have the 3G, do it. No reason not to.

  11. of course I do that's one of the best things I ever did
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  12. Do it!
    Are you done yet?
  13. unfortunately I am at work fixing these lovely buses lol
  14. Fack the buses you got better things to do
  15. I'm with you , unfortunately I need money to play lol
  16. Thats the fan i installed works good for
  17. and I am sure there is just as much heat if not more with the turbo
  18. oh yeah sure is I had it idling the other day it was like 92 out the car was like 185-190 not bad cools off a little when driving...until I really hit boost it goes up then when out of boost goes
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  19. perfect night on the way home from work was running like a raped ape 138 degrees intake temp . prob gonna pull the TRANS tomorrow
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