Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. mad mike loves that word
  2. I think I feel asleep, why are you pulling your tranny?
  3. nasty vibration in it . popping out of second gear .
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  4. I just purchased my trans Jeff, don't laugh I transferred over to a c4 lol
  5. He knows.
  6. So then, more trips longer than 50 miles for you then?


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  7. Pretty much I don't really drive it that much and my trips are not any great distance either, what trans would you have put into my car mike? @madmike1157

  8. I have my own car to build. I'll have to rely on you for the grunt work on your car though.

    I'm all about a C4 if you're building one of the dreaded drag cars that was discussed in another thread. If it's a street/strip car, and you keep it local, then I guess I could live with it as well. If that car is ever to make a trip longer than 50 miles, and you have a 3.73 or lower rear gear, I feel for you.

    But, like @tannerc91gt pointed out earlier, I too used to be one of you guys.

    The 69 Mach 1 I had had an FMX w/ 5.43's, and I drove it on Firestone Drag 500 slicks.


    But that was when I was young and stupid.

    How old are you?
  9. I'm 22 hah and it has 3.55 gears but I don't plan on driving any great distance I have a trailer for that
  10. Oh boy . I am aggrivated and it isn't even mine . Ask @my85gt about the time he had a c4 and I told him he would hate it and sure enough it's gone . you should've stayed stick !!!!
  11. Eh I'll give it a whirl
  12. I hope it's still gonna get a blower !
  13. Maybe I'm flip floppin between that and turbo the c4 I bought the guy has a turbo notch and it looked awesome as hell
  14. I was gonna say id love to see that thing turbo with an auto
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  15. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1405190751.293051.jpg the input shaft has stupid play in it
  16. Then that settles it Jeff just for you I'm going turbo lol
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  17. @93TRANSAM I started it no TRANS in and no abnormal vibrations anymore you don't feel it in the wheel even resting on just my floor jack
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  18. it still has some kind of vibration I don't think it's the motor again it felt fine no TRANS idk if it's just the motor mounts and the heim joints etc as a combo as I have never had anything then stock on the car as far as motor mounts . the TRANS shifts like butter it's awesome though car drives so nice only under a hard load do you notice vibration crusing isn't bad at all and the shifter is all over the console any more like it was
  19. pron (inster drooling emoticon, too drunk to fnd it)
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