Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. yup . it's adjusted per there directions


    Poly mounts from the body to crossmember and I have a rubber TRANS mount and poly engine mounts
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  2. Is there anyway to lock it down after it's been adjusted
  3. it has bushings that go on each end of the sleeve so it's fixed I. whatever postion it goes in based on what TRANS and mount you have
  4. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1406049850.107524.jpg not my car but this is how it's setup so you see what I mean
  5. I see what you mean
  6. i used the ford adjustable one,i ran it without welding it in place because at first i thought i didnt have tranny shook,after welding it it was perfect,it "seems" like that one might move a little under load?,it just sits there right?,nothing holding into place?
  7. nope there sleeves in the bushings but idk that was my thoughts too feels like there's pressure more to the side with the bushing then the spacers
  8. Very nice thread.. Read all 82 pages..been at this for hours.. Great read.. I think I get the big picture. Its a never ending thread for sure.. What great people and friends you have to help you along.. I bought my blower off Nick and should have it next week.. Its always great to read through years of posts to actually finally get to that happy ending..But I know it is not ending.. Congratz
  9. Hahaha I was telling you to reference it for your install but I am flattered you took the time to read my whole thread ! Your gonna love the car
    trust me
  10. Being that my car has a pretty SQ oriented stereo I always wanted a double din so I got this today I may pick up a radio in the next few weeks ImageUploadedByTapatalk1406319625.735533.jpg
  11. even with the few issues I have and quirks I had a bad week at work got the car this morning and notning like 430 horse stress release
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  12. The report buttons right next to the like button and I've got a fat thumb so sorry in advance haha
  13. it's ok I see how it is pal ! lmfao
  14. My 300'ish rwhp doesn't wash away as much misery as your 430 does, pfft :rolleyes: However my YZ that I just hot lapped around the block works wonders :banana:
  15. I'm actually Looking at buying a 450r or a yzf450 this week . I have rode quads since I am 11 and never owned my own and I wan one
  16. Can't go wrong with a YZ450 or even a CR, power and a :) all day long.
  17. So I am still chasing the vibration here . I have narrowed it down to an engine vibration .

    Down shift crusing 3k rpm keep Rpms up and slow the car down vibration feels the same so that rules drive line out .

    I shouldn't have been so quick to blame it on the TRANS even with that input shaft play . I was foolish and should've pulled the bell instead of just inspecting .

    My next thoughts are the dowel pins are worn on the PP causing it to dance at high rpm but again the bolts should hold it in place . or the fly wheel bolts are slightly backed out . Or the motor is f u c k e d .

    So I have about 2,5 weeks to get my ass In gear and pull the TRANS again and get it all sorted out before American muscle show in PA . again I feel it has to be some error on my part during the install as it didn't have this vibe until we tuned it . Ah the joys of trying to go fast !
  18. Kawasaki or go home!!!
  19. Only people that CURRENTLY own a bike can speak, haha.
  20. AWWW! LOW BLOW!!!
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