Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. I'm stumped buddy. I'd suggest checking everything you just mentioned.
  2. I'm stumped buddy. I'd suggest checking everything you just mentioned.
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  3. Yeah I am at a loss myself here like I said I am getting tired of laying on my back in the garage but again I don't want to leave t anywhere so I am left with no choice but to do if again on the floor .
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  4. i had to pull my tranny out a couple times,i can do it in no time,i was amazed how much a unbalanced flywheel made the engine vibrate!,but car purrs like a kitten now...
  5. oh I can do it in 25 mins on my back it's going back in when I am cursing . I built this whole car in here remember so pulling the motor and everything is like oh ok we gotta do brakes today kind of thing I just don't want to have to go that far
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  6. Hopefully soon you'll be forgetting how to pull the transmission.
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  7. Haven't got. chance to put the d/s in yet was upstate All weekend . Something I needed to do while I was still DD the car was front brakes . Rear was done when I did the rear last jan . So I ordered up all the bearing and seals as well as rotors and pads I Already have . I also got the max MOTORSPORTS stainless bushing kit which I am hoping helps the pedal feel a bit
  8. Did d/s today and it deffinitley drives smoother so I am sure those universals in that drive shaft are junk . but the vibration is there. I am gonna prob pull TRANS tomorrow and check it all out I did doubles back to back last two days so it's time for bed !
  9. I always say I will get a quad when I get old! LOL. I love motocross and riding. Kawasaki is bar none the fastest. Suzuki is the best handling, Honda is down right reliable with manageable power (some say slow). Yz is good all around. Ktm is European and parts can be hard to find and $$$.
  10. Any update on this man?!
  11. actually just woke up worked all night . going to my garage now to put it back together . pulled TRANS pilot Bearing in two pieces . have new pilot , new fly wheel and dowel pins
  12. after a whole lot of chiseling at the race ImageUploadedByTapatalk1407784108.679575.jpg
  13. Alright so its all together , No more vibration until 4k. 4k up into 5k and it kind of smooths out again. It drives like it did before we had the issue when i woulnt put it in boost before it was tuned no vibrations on the low end car drives smooth. At about 1050-1100 if you are stopped right before the idle settles you get a small shake in the wheel like we had but goes away as soon as the idle settles.

    Ill put it this way its much better that i am not scared to drive it any more. My next move is to swap the motor mounts out . It has 50 resto cheapy poly mounts in it and maybe try a rubber mount and see how it is .
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  14. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1407800234.347048.jpg had these for a while not sure if I like them on the car or not
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  15. Trans mount?
  16. Not broken but is reg rubber
  17. So either my luck is bad or i was just having too much fun. take my buddy for a blast come back car isnt charging. Open the hood i guess when i rolled into in first real hard the tensioner took a second to catch up and the belt hopped and ate 1 rib no biggie. So i just bump start it cuz now it doesn't have enough juice to turn the starter i limp back to my garage. Get under the car. The 3 prong plug popped out of the alt. . DOh!
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  18. Continued on the car today going over the car for my 100 mile trip to the AM show in pa . did the brakes and of course the pass side needs a caliper . it could use inner tie rods but I'll do that when I get back . anyway here's one side all painted and done ImageUploadedByTapatalk1407966377.571934.jpg
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