Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. The best is yet to come! trying to leave some element of surprise to shock the board a bit. I am excited to see it all come together the next change with paint should set it off.
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  2. Lookig forward to seeing it..going to whiskey this year?
  3. of course! love that cruise night is nice. always nice cars there
  4. OMG he gunna put a rebel flag on it! hahahaha
  5. DUH ! Merica'!
  6. Cool...i should have the Mustng if not my wifes cars..either a black 91 z28 or a blue Iroc-z or my latest toy 06 300 srt8
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  7. Not bad! I hear those are pretty quick.
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  8. LOL..yeah they are, mine has a few bolt ons,hand held tuner,exhaust,CAI..they have a top speed of over 180 mph brembo brakes...6 piston calipers..they really make them nice this is my second SRT8 i had in 06 a brand new Magnum SRT8 ran high 12's low 13's depending on weather bolted up a 100 shot ran 12.0 at 118 mph on street
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  9. Hey how are the front ends on the srt8 compared to the reg 300 /300c my mother had a 300 she bought from Florida with 35k miles and I was doing control arms struts and tie rod ends before 40k
  10. They are i think a little better heavier built...this is my 2nd SRT and the 1st one had no issues ive only had this one for a few months i will let you know after i have it awhile...LOL....
  11. Oh man, the Magnum! I really wish they would have kept that going. America needs more wagons!
  12. The Whiskey in Lyndhurst? I go a few times a year but never see any Fox Mustangs. Maybe I'll see ya down there.
  13. I go alot of the time but i take different cars not my Fox all the time...i will have it there this yr.
  14. there is usually 6-12 foxes over there depending on the turn out
  15. I just orderd more crap because I can't help myself ever lol ,

    255 walboro pump
    New sending unit and lock ring (tired of the gas gauge not working )
    filler grommet
    black carpet
    Intake gasket upper set for the typhoon intake .....
  16. When is the Whiskey? I live out east (Old Field) I wouldnt mind taking a nice cruise out to Lyndenhurst.
  17. I don't know when it starts but every Saturday after all summer long
  18. I got one! 05 Hemi with a tuner intake and exhaust. I love that thing!
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  19. ^Nice! I just wish they would have done one with a 6 speed manual, but a man can only ask so much.
  20. They do the challenger is 6 speed and they make retro kits to install a 6 speed in the cars....I love my auto tho its an AMG trans thet can handle 700 hp and my SRT has an AMG rear that the previous owner its pretty strong...