My New 1990 Mustang Gt

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  1. Yup just get the "track heat" tfs kit. You should be satisfied with the results. Once the "joy" of the added hp wears off(it always does with me) you can always add forced induction:D
  2. Well, I don't think this motor was really rebuilt to a 306 because the motor just started knocking. I literally just ordered the TFS top end kit too lol.

    So now, when we take this motor apart I'm going to rebuild it.
  3. OH man that sucks, nice LOOKING car but sounds like you got bent over on this one. Time to make Lemonade my friend.:cry:
  4. I wouldn't say I got bent over. Blessing in disguise. Could have happened after I threw the top end kit on it, but now since the motor is coming apart just going to pay the few more hundred for a fresh rebuild.
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  5. Upon further inspection, it doesn't seem to actually be a knock, but could actually be a slight exhaust leak. When I get home from work tomorrow I'll be able to figure it out.
  6. I was just about to say, mods sticky this, a great wealth of knowledge with out over loading the brain of your average mustang minion. Very we'll put! Thank you !
  7. OK, what size injectors,TB,MAF,and Fuel pump should I be getting?

    I was thinking 190lph fuel pump would be good, along with a 75mm TB and MAF and 24lb injectors? Or should I go 30lb?