My new AFS Cobra R's (pics)

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  1. Makes the car look alot better, I got them off ebay for 825 shipped with tires. There 17x8 up front and 17x9 in the back. Even tho there 4 lug they look pretty good. You can see the Ranger air dam i put on, i think it makes the
    front end look alot better that having the old air dam on there. With my 94 cobra springs i trimed, it sits jsut right might be a little i high in the back tho.

    Before, these rims are for sale there highly polished American Racing Rims 15x7, the back tires are no good


    89' Mustang Lx 2.3T 5spd,Smoke Metallic
    Engine Mods:
    2.3 Turbo Merkur Motor, Garrett T3 Turbo [email protected], .60 Trim Compressor .63 A/R Turbine, Fully Ported And Polished Head, 35 lb/hr Injectors, Gutted Upper Intake, Ported and Knifed Lower Intake, K&N Filter, Cold Air Intake, Stock Forged Pistons, Adjustable Boost Valve, LA3 ECM, Big VAM, A/C Delete, Removed Air Box and Silencer,Bailey Evo BOV.
    Exhuast Mods:
    2.5" Dual 2 Chamber Flowmasters 40's, Ported E6 Exhaust Manifold, SVO Y-Pipe, 2.5" Down Pipe No Cats, 2.5 SS Tail Pipes

    Suspension/Body/Interior Mods:
    17" AFS Cobra R Rims, 94' Cobra springs, Rear GT Sway Bar, 88' Ranger Air Dam, GT Spoiler, GT Escort seats, Phantom Boost Guage
    In The Works:
    Supercoupe Intercooler,5spd Trans., 8.8' Rear End, SVO 73mm calipers
    Future Mods:
    Rods Header, Pro5.0 Short Throw Sifter. SVO Brakes, Brake Ducts, Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump, Kirban Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, Cam, Adjustable Cam Pulley.

    For Sale:
    15"X7" Hand Polished American Racing Rims
  2. NIce, how much do you want for the old wheels?
  3. 300 plus shipping, before i sell them ill polish them up realy good and take the back tires off unless you want them there past the ware bar on the tire and if i take them off it will be cheaper for shipping. the front tires still ahve a good tread on them and the front passenger side has some curb rash but its not bad i can get pics if you want.
  4. i really like the looks of the 5 spoke rims but something about the 4 lug 5 spoke combo bugs me. The rims i want are 5 spoke but i may have to swap to 5 lug to do it. I do like them though. looks good dispite missing a lug.

  5. looks like 200% better, good job man :nice: . how are the tires that came with them, they looked like they were really good quality. also how much is shipping because i was thinking of ordering some wheels off ebay.

  6. I don't like 95R's or 98 Cobras :(

  7. I won them for 700+125shipping so 825 total. search for afs wheels 4 on ebay AFS makes them and the 4 is for 4 lug. the tires are ESSENZA 210 Type R's, there a company that branches off from goodyear. They seem like nice tires that have a nice tread and i believe there a new compay out. I havent drove the car with them since in those pic i was just test fitting them.
  8. Looks very nice! I don't mind the 4-lug/5-spoke thing much, I think they give a much better look overall to the car. Now all you need is some bigass brakes to fill up that space! I like the Turbo badge next to the LX on the hatch, too - I'll have to remember that. Looks almost stock. :nice:

  9. my brother is doing a 5 lug swap and he said he would sell me his old brakes off on his 5.0 and the spidles and stuff he also upgraded the calipers to 73mm SVO ones so that will help. but i think im goin to redo the whole brake system, with SVO MC and Sn95 Brake booster, and do a disc conversion i the back with some GM calipers.
  10. 10 holes ownz those!
    nah j/k bro! those wheels look nice!!
  11. Get an SN95 MC and Booster, the SVO MC is too big, I might have to change mine
  12. Hopefuly (fpr me) you'll still have em when Financial aid comes around. I wish I weren't so broke now.

  13. im sure ill still have them, im in no rush.
  14. Very nice wheels, makes your car look a whole lot better.
  15. a ricer i work with said there junk cuz there played out, he drives a honda civic, i told him there played out and he didnt say anything :owned:
  16. Lookin Sharp hoss. :nice: I'm impressed. Just might have to look into some myself. They do make it look a lot better. Congrats. :hail2: