My new blower showed up!

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  1. So so so so soooooooooo excited! :banana:

    Only have a few more parts to get for the install but I should have it in before June is over. :)
    Its a used KB custom 2.2L kit for the 96-98 Cobras. Only has 5000 miles on it and the price was very right. Already upgraded with the bypass valve and a ported plenum. He also threw in the IMRC delets. I see some nicks on the screws which has me worried but they are not deep and may be totally normal.

    Only gonna run 5-6psi untill I can build another Teksid with forged internals and bumped to a 5.0 and then I will run 12 psi with a meth system. Gonna drill and tap a port on the back of the lower plenum so it sprays directly under the blower.

    Just need to get some Lightning injectors and MAF plus I need the 5-6psi pully and thats about it. Got a bad ass Cobra modification guru to help with the install and minor fab stuff and we will do the J-mod and a trans cooler at the same time as well as install my new larger front sway bar. After that I have Gearheads in Dallas doing the dyno tune and they are sending me a temp tune to get it up to them.

    Also installing the PLX DM-100 gauge to monitor the wideband and boost. Prolly have it moniter the fuel pressure too.

    So without further adu.



  2. sweet.
    where have you been lately? i havent seen u on here in months!
  3. your great laser hope everything works well, and it goes smooth.

    Is the trans going to handle this?

    Can your seat hold your ass in with this kind of power?
  4. I am usually only in the OT section running amuk. :banana:
    I hang at LVC most of the time now.
    Yes I am great. I have a bad ass installer to help me. All he works on are GT500's, GT500 KRs, Terlingua (sp?) Shelbys and the like. I have faith. :)

    The trans will handle it just fine with the trans cooler and J-mod. A few guys on LVC are running 10's all the time with stock trans and no issues.

    As for the seat. I KILL YOU!! :rlaugh: Hopefully it can hold my fat ass. Its brand new. :)
  5. awesome... just awesome...
  6. PFT, I seen better :shrug: :D

    Congrats man :nice: May actually be a worthwhile car now......:p I kid, I kid
  7. awesome dude! glad to hear your still alive :nice:
  8. What? where did you find a new ass?? I have been looking for a new one, but everywhere I find them shipping is INSANE!
  9. Shippings high cause of the truck freight. :p

    So anyone have any opinions as to if the screws are ok or if those scratches are normal bed in?
  10. Nice man... that is going to be SICK!
  11. Thanks mang, should make for a nice sleeper.
  12. what no progress yet? I thought we would be seeing burn out vids by now
  13. I'm assuming this is going to be installed on the Land Yacht?
  14. Still need injectors, fuel rail and MAF
    Yup. :)
  15. Well getting closer to install time! :banana:

    I have the boost gauge on the way.

    View attachment 220233

    Then my new-ish 90mm MAF meter and 42lb injectors showed up.


    Shortly after my MAF adapter and air filter showed up as well as the injector rebuild kit. I put new screens, spacers, o-rings and pintle caps on them..... yes one is backwards but I fixed it. :rlaugh:


    I also have a Cobra intake tube on the way as well as some 3.5" pipe so I can mate it to the MAF and position the filter over the cold air hole.

    Also the blower was really chipped up. It had been painted 96 Mystic and was a very nice job but then the next guy painted it black and stuck the SVT tag on it and a Cobra on top. So I sanded it down and prepped it. Unfortunatly the glue he used on the Cobra was harder then I thought and by the second coat of paint I could see some roughness left. :(
    I am going to get a Cobra Star badge to put over it. Its the Cobra wrapped around the Lincoln Star.





    Also decided to do something I always wanted. I wanted brushed aluminum valve covers but nobody makes them. I love the stainless ones but man are they expensive! So we media blasted the valve covers and coil on plug covers then used Scotch Brite pads to give the brushed look. Since the car is a DD I knew they had to be clear coated so they wouldnt pit. Also sanded off the flashing on the edges of the covers to give them a more finnished look. :)

    Here is how they started. :p


    After some blasting:


    Some Scotch pads:



    And after clear:


  16. nice, definitely a sleeper

    if those VC's are aluminum you can get some buffing compound and turn them into mirrors.
  17. Dont want mirrors. I want them to look brushed.
  18. lucky you, a blower is like a dream for me
  19. blower looks great bill :nice:

    IM exited to see you start breaking stuff !!