My new Carbon Fiber hood.

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  1. Here is a pic of my new Carbon Fiber Hood. I got this hood with an insurance check that I recieved. Decided to go with C/F because I don't see it on Stangs very often. I want MY mustang to be MY mustang.

    If anyone is interested I do have my old hood for sale on eBay. With some quick looking it should be too hard to find it. It has the racing decal and comes with a hood bra.

  2. Are you going to get it painted?
  3. I already painted all I'm going to paint. The hood scoop. I don't believe in spending money for carbon fiber then hiding it and having to "tell" people its c/f. This way they know.
  4. nicely done :nice:
    I like the fact you put on the red scoop to match the car on the C/F.
  5. dont look bad. u might get flamed though. y u get insurance check?
  6. Wow that looks like ass.

    But congrats on saving about 4 pounds. I'm sure thats REALLY gonna help you out.

    Any why would ANYONE ask if its carbon fiber? I mean damn, I cant ever remember caring about if someone had a carbon fiber hood.
  7. great, another rice stang
  8. all i can say is WTF!
  9. Sorry man, it is your car, but that looks horrible. It is only like 5 lbs lighter than the stock hood. I don't understand your reasoning for getting that. Is that like a status symbol among the import kids? Oh well, I'm just glad that I was never sucked into the whole rice craze.
  10. that would look real good with a big aluminum race wing and Erubuni stickers
  11. Yes. Which is why he wants everyone to know he has it, without having to go around telling everyone. :nonono:

    That's what makes the whole import scene cool. Modding your car to impress everyone else. Not just doing it to enjoy it for yourself. Duh. :rolleyes:
  12. Why do you have a GT hood? Maybe because you like the way it looks. People get the CF hood because they like the way it looks. I got mine solely for that reason. Dude didn't buy it for you, he bought it for him. I think it looks good man, just get rid of the visor off the mirror.

    BTW, I'm going back to a stock hood because A) my CF hood got keyed and screwed up when I hit somethin and B) because it doesnt go with my wheels.
  13. It's a good thing no likes a giant penis attached to their hood.

    Just don't get coffee can exhaust, that would be crossing the line ;)

    It would have looked better with a red hood and black scoop with mach 1-like stripping... just my opinion.
  14. Just because he has a carbon fiber hood makes him and his car a ricer? :nonono:

    You guy's are bastards. Didn't u read his post? He got it to be diffrent. To grab attention. Just because u don't like it doesn't mean that he is a ricer all of a sudden.
    Hell I'm probably going to get a carbon fiber hood too. But, I won't paint my scoop.

    I say to each his own.

    And let's face it. We're driving around with V-6 mustangs. Supping them up.
    Other than the fact that we contentrate on engine mods, and buy american,
    what's so diffrent inbetween us Chevy and imported people?

    I think that any car can be tastfully moided into a very fast, good looking car.
    some will cost more, some don't have as much poential. But, it's always there.

    Just stay away from neon and stickers please!
  15. How much do carbon fiber hoods cost? close to $900?

    For $900 I'd rip my engine out and get a jump on a built bottom end ;)

    I'd have to save money from not buying neons and carbon fiber wings to finish it

    This is all in good humor, btw.
  16. looks like they would cost 450 for one with the GT scoop and 400 without.
    Yea deffinatly work on other parts of the car before u get any body parts.
    Nothing wrong with the sttock look imo.

    How do V-6 sound with duals anyway's?
  17. I heard a n/a dual exhaust 'stang a few weeks ago and it sounded really good. He had done a good bit to the engine though. I can't remember what all he had done but I remember him saying he was prepping for some sort of turbo set up.
  18. I love it dude dont listen to then that looks f*&^* AWSOME
  19. You see that's what I want to do. I got a cam I'll install it when I buy my neigboors 4cylinder 4v eye stang for $400.
    Then I'll swap my 302 and everything else into the 4cilender while I'm having fun with the camed 6. then I'll get the 302 on the road so I can put a turbo kit or fab my own on the 6.

    Mabey I really am rice I want a carbon fiber hood on my blue 6. I think it would look badass with the blow off valve from the turbo completing the look and sound.

    Anybody ever think of Mac longtubes H-pipe with cats, and SLP loudmouth tails?
    That might sound good.
  20. Have you ever FELT a carbon fiber hood? He definitely saved more than 4 pounds. :nonono:

    Still, I won't say it looks good. It looks different that's for sure. He should take some pics from different angles. It's hard to tell exactly what that looks like.