My new Carbon Fiber hood.

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  1. To each their own.

    I hope you didn't spend too much on the hood as the resale will plumit as a result... or... I hope you are really happy with it.
  2. Unfortunatly it's pretty obvious how it looks.
    He shouldn't have painted the scoop imo.
  3. Well, actually, one of the guys in the 4.6 Forum weighed all our body parts and made up a list... and I emailed California Mustang to ask how much their CF hood weighed....

    Stock Hood w/o Scoop: 32 lbs (Composite Hood to begin with)

    Cal. Mustang CF Hood: 30 lbs + Weight of Hood scoop= ~32lbs.

    Total Weight Savings: 0 lbs

    Total Money Spent: ~500+ Paint/Labor

    Dollar per pound saved: Infinity
  4. hey dude, that looks meannn. i like it. if it was me htough, i think i wud have put hte pins a lil closer to the front of the hood. but to all htose ppl out there who say it looks bad. hey man, w/e, hes doin his own thing, who know, he might spark some pretty cool things later on. w/e. i do my own thing sorta, i like neons, not crazily, but i like the way they look, i have a pair under the dash and under the back side of each seat. thats my thing, hes got his, now y dont u guys go nad get ur own.
  5. :p :rlaugh:

    Lets take this a step further. Let's pretend the carbon fiber hood weighed 1lb.

    500 US Dollars for 31lbs weight loss on a 3100LB vehicle? That's exactly 1% weight loss resulting in a theoretical 1% gain in performance. Hmmm what is 1% better than 16.0 in the 1/4 mile? 15.9999999999999999999999999999999999?

    I think the other thread describes how I feel about weight reduction anyway.

    Oh well... to each theor own.

  6. I got my GT hood cause ford screwed it up when it went into the body shop this summer after I rear-ended some lady...I told the body shop guy that I wanted the new V6 hood, specified the inverse scoop, went to the Jersey Shore for a week, came back, and found that massive thing on there, along with one pre-02 silver headlight. Cortland Ford sure knows how to **** up your car. Like I said, it is his car, but i think it's fugly.
  7. Like I said earlier wtf. but its not the worst mustang ive ever seen. The other day I saw a SN95 body mustang that was lime green , and had a cf hood and accents, with a ridiculous 3 level wing, a blitz body kit and and *** exhaust. It sounded like **** and looked like it to boot.
    So as far as this guys mustang goes I wont say I like it cuz I don’t but at least it still looks like a mustang. and all we can hope for it that it stays that way and doesn’t turn in to that lime green p.o.s. I saw last Friday.

  8. In my eye. :D Anyway, no skin off my back. I don't mean to justify buying that particular carbon fiber hood, or any for that matter. I was just saying that it seemed illogical to say that a carbon fiber hood was only 4 pounds lighter than a stock hood. I guess I should have done my homework to see how much that particular hood weighed. I was basing my opinion on the usual 10 or 15lb weights you generally see advertised.
  9. I like it...thats all i got to say...
  10. So my question is when will be be getting the alteeza's and Type R stickers to complete the look?
  11. Its not that ricey. some guy called me a ricer today because I have on "cobra rims" in all actuallity they arent even cobra they are saleen, and i dont have any saleen stickers on my car... ***
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  13. yeah.........what he said......and then some

    I don't like clear corners / carbon fiber / neons (interior or exterior) / altezzas / NAWS / extreme body kits / stickers

    but on the other's your car........put all the rice into it that you want
  14. who cares about the weight reduction.
    The whole Carbon fiber craz is all about the looks.
    And I thing it looks bad ass.
  15. The car looks a little too shiny now with the new hood. i guess you like it bling bling and all with all your grilles and stuff. but i would have gone a different route. so whats next for you? i betcha gonna get some dubs. :D no really, keep the car clean man.
  16. gotta get some spinners yo!
  17. Not a bad i should get a set of spinners and take some video and then post it....i waste enough money as it they make spinners for a mustang? lol
  18. Saw some spinners on a stang yesterday.
    All I can say is they belong on SUV's and Trucks.
  19. i'm sure they have em for stangs.......saw em the other week on a 84 Econoline Pimp Van
  20. O no. Dudes If u think Rice rockets suck wait unil the van craz comes back. :puke: