My new Carbon Fiber hood.

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  1. dude, somebody took a huge f'n dump on your car!!!

    hey, don't give me crap, i wouldn't care if it looked good. ricer or not, it looks like shyt.

    Happy Holidays to you too!
  2. clear corner headlights? What is wrong with that? I got a pair they are clear cornered and dark
  3. no no no, clear corner side markers..........replace the little red markers on the rear/sides of the cars. They replace em with clear stuff........looks like shiyite in my opinion.

    clear corner headlights look dayam good in my opinion
  4. I think it looks pretty cool, especially with the Mach 1 chin spoiler. I do agree that speed comes first, that’s the biggest thing I dislike with the ricers around here, all show now go. I give it a :nice: and if you already have your basic V-6 mods I give you a :nice: :nice: . What wheels are you running on?

    By the way 99+ v6ers are good for mid 15’s not 16’s, and with some 2k in mods you can break into the mid to upper 14’s

    And for those that don’t like the carbon fiber look I guess you’ll have to pass on the Ferrari Enzo and Saleen S7 among many other supper cars with exposed CB finish.
  5. S7 is all painted ;) they don't have an exposed carbon fiber hood.
  6. It is an option from the factory to not be painted. The work put into it is one of the most costly parts of the car. The interior is also left unpainted (stock). I have been in one and saw it with my own eyes.

    The most difficult car in the world to get into imo, but I do fit at 6’3” 250 pounds. :nice:
  7. Heads and Cam and you can do better than that, no problem.

    OK, that is definately NOT the same thing. Those are basically RACE CARS. Everything on those things is done with racing in mind. The engine, the suspension, everything... so because they wanted to go ALL OUT, they are built mostly of carbon fiber... NOT JUST THE HOOD. And they didn't do it to look cool. Its for racing. If he had a Saleen S-351 and put a painted Saleen CF hood on it... fine, but this is RICE. It provides NO PERFORMANCE GAIN becuase it weighs the same as what was previously there.

    CF hood on a V6 Mustang is not the same as a CF hood on an ENZO. :bang:
  8. it's like i said before, it's not even about looking "rice" it's about looking like shyt.
  9. They purposely take extra time to get the weave down right because it is for show (where exposed) not always to be a “race car”.

    It can look bad to some people, and that’s fine but it isn’t rice, because many other cars were doing the CB look back in the mid 80’s before the Rice era.

    Then I guess you wouldn’t like to ride in my Uncles car, because you’d be sitting in shyt.

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  10. looks good to me...

  11. What the hell are u doing driving a V-6 mustang when ur uncle has an Enzo.
    Hit him up for enough money for a Cobra or a Mach one or an older Viper.
  12. I’ve got a Cobra (see signature). He got me into cars when I was young and I’ve been hooked ever since. He has a good relationship with his local dealer so we get pretty good deals if you could call it that.

    The V-6 is my wife’s car primarily. We use it for autocross racing.
  13. Don't u feel outclassed at family events?
  14. Nevermind It would probably just be super cool.
    Does he let u drive it?
  15. Not really, I have a 360 also, but I live in a condo, it shows where my priorities are. The rest of my family got into realistate and that’s where the money is. Take my cars away and I don’t have much of a net worth, but I’m happy.

    I haven’t driven it, but he did offer once but I couldn’t take the pressure. It is clutch less so you don’t have to worry about stalling it though.
  16. Damn man that's how I wanna live. Cool cars, small managble house.
    Super cool, ur my new hero.
  17. May I make one suggestion. Dump the 360 and get a Ford GT.
    That's the best car ever IMO.
  18. The 360 is a 6spd manual spider and the GT is a hard top.

    But yes it’s a cool car for the money. :nice:

    The F-40 is my favorite along with the 62 250 GTO, but they are both way out of my league.
  19. Just for the record I love the way Carbon Fiber looks and I will buy a CF hood with the GT scoop once I get my cam lowering springs and exhaust on.
  20. and i have a 47 foot penis