My new Carbon Fiber hood.

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  1. Looking at your picture I wouldn’t figure you as the potty mouth type. :nonono:
  2. you too huh?

  3. :lol: lol good one!
  4. it just that when someone says "my uncle owns a...." I'm inclined to believe this sentence if its ended with "low production corvette, or viper or GT500" but a freakin' Enzo??? do you guys know how hard it is to get one of these?? Ferrari contacted all buyers in person. get me enzo jr's autograph and i'll believe it. i'm sorry brother, but i have to raise the :bs: flag.

    and you own a 360? you own a Ferrari and you have a v6 mustang for the purpose of autocrossing?

    you say you own a 360 and even a cobra. a ferrari driver wouldn't bat an eye at a Cobra. I'm not usually an a$$ but :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs:

    I'm certainly not TRYING to flame you, but it's just impossible not to.

    By the way, my uncle owns a ZR1, a McClaren f1, and a saleen s7. he also has a tubbed out chevy prizm that he drag races :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs:

    why does everyone's uncle own a freakin' supercar? doesn't anyone's uncle drive a blazer or a freakin' taurus?
  5. my uncle owns a suburban he bought used from a kid, so its all pimped out wit rims and exhaust lol. other uncle drive an ol checvy s-10. other uncle drives a semi
  6. You can believe anything you want. Part of the exotic car experience is dealing with people like you, those who have own one know what I mean. And there happens to be six Enzos for sale in the US right now (shows how much you know). The dealer where we go has their fourth available right now as we speak. :nonono:

    And as far as my cobra goes it outperforms my 360 and is the best performance value on the market. It is also a 10th anniversary only 2003 made and of those only 12 are king cobras (which is what I have) Do you know how many 360 have been made so far? Of course not you have proven you lack of knowledge already over 6000! I think the cobra is the better investment. :rlaugh:

    Also if you have ever known someone with an Exotic car you would know we have more than one car because you cant drive an exotic daily. Not because of reliability issues anymore, but because of people like you that key or spit on our cars because of your insecurity issues. :mad:

    I suggest you work harder and stop being so bitter and maybe one day you can have the same driving experiences I do. If that day comes remember where you came from and give respect to others.

    I don’t have to prove anything to you if I did I’ll tell you the dealer we get our cars from, but they get enough people like you bothering them already. I have had over 30 cars, The ones I have now are the best imo. :nice:
  7. And here are some pictures. And I’ll tell you the most annoying thing about the car that only an owner would know, and that’s the turn signal makes a obnoxious sound, and you sit so low in the car even with the top down its difficult to see over the back. Also I’m 6’3” 250 pounds and have more room in it than the Mustangs. Best car to liken it to as far as the driving experience would be a Mazda Miata, but with 200 more hp. The pictures are taken with my Sony 717.

    If you don’t believe me now than so be it, but I think you need to learn to communicate better.

    You always get more bees with honey. :nice:

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  8. I live kinda near Sacramento.
    If I drive up there can I take pictures of ur cars?
    So I can draw them?
  9. Ferrari's look like crap imo... I'm more into Aston Martin's ;)

    Vanquish :drool:
  10. since u dont need that ferrari, u wanna give it to me?
  11. For my money a Viper is the only way to go. Heck, for the price of an average supercar I could build a viper with 1000hp and still have $100k left to blow on something else. :D
  12. howd you get all that money, rob 8 or 15 banks?nice cars man :nice:

    my uncle drives a trans am... vert, my other uncle drives a cadilac with one dem 32v northstars that some one gave to him for free cus it has a bad starter.... ohh yeah and i have another uncle that drive a comercial van, as his everyday car
  13. Just wondering, in terms of resale value, why not keep your stock hood? It is very likely your original hood would be put back on your car when being sold. The $75 starting bid (which I doubt will get bid on) is likely not worth the loss in resale value. Besides, you would be able to sell the carbon fiber hood or transfer it to a new stang if you sell your car. Just my two cents, I'd comment on what it looks like but for some reason Stangnet isn't loading pics.

  14. It works for me. :shrug:
  15. Wow.... sorry but that looks really queer. Goodday
  16. For the record. My uncle honest to god owns an acura nsx...last time I looked they were still considered on the supercar list yes? In fact its for sale. Email me if you got its a no this is not an advertisement...i just threw in a line for the heck of it..
  17. Not my style either.:puke:
  18. I have a 2002 Huffy trail rider mountain bike......beat that
  19. NSX's suck. I have a 1987 Huffy bike.

  20. 1987 Huffy bikes suck. I have a 1986 KIA Omnicron 12 speed street bicycle.