my new dog!!! Champion bloodline Blue Pitbull

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  1. Dont know if anyonew cares, but Im excited, picked him up late last night.
    UKC registered, "purple' champion bloodlines American Pitbull Terrier. . Hes a great looking dog. He will go well with my white brindle, Coby.

    Real excited to get him, have been looking for a while.

    heres some pics
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Congrats !

    Sweet looking pup !!
  3. sorry, but angelfire deleted my account so the pics will not show up anymore

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  4. Azzholes !!

    One Sweet Pup !!
  5. cool little guy you got there but as you know i hope you dont rent cause alot of places wont let you in with'em all we tell people is that ours is a staford shire terrior :D it works till they see him how much does youre other one weigh? ours weighs bout 65-70 lbs his dad is bout 85 tho and hes a brindle are you going to or do you show them? peace

  6. Yes we are currently renting now( house coming soon), but our complex amazingly has no breed restrictions. Both the dogs are registered as American Pitbull Terriers so they cant give me any crap. They seem to be real cool about it and do not have any of the negative sterotypes about them. I plan on showing the new puppy since he is both UKC and AAPBA registered. My other one is just AAPBA. HE is a wild one and does not like all that obedience stuff required. Might as well just get the little guy used to it as a puppy. Ears are going to get show cropped most likely. My other one is not cropped. here is pic of him [​IMG]
  7. Cool lookin pup. How long befor you enter him in a contest?

  8. Probally at six months, but they do have puppy contests. Ill have to see what all the rules are.

  9. Cool, My cousin use to put in his old dog forgot what kind of breed it was I know it wasnt a pit-bull.

  10. Nice dog.. Here is a pic of my pitbull/boxer.
    Hey SonicBsnake do you work at Intel?
  11. Dude, I have been looking for a pitbull forever and I can not find one!! Where can I find one at? Right now, my girlfriend and I have a Chihuahua, I was hoping to get a pitbull and it would eat our dog now....j/k!! My grandparents have a full blooded boxer and it weighs 119 pounds, it's F**king HUGE!!! when it stands up, it's as tall as me. Congrats on the dog man!!
  12. I like your new dog's Sonic Blue eyes!
  13. yeah, kinda weird (and scary) eyes... but cool :nice:

    -I like my Cat better though :D (not really a dog person...)
  14. Brian - the only problem with a cat is, you have to tell people "I like to sit and pet my P***y" and coming from a dude, that just doesn't sound right!! :D :D I used to have a cat (kitten) until it died. I'm sure your cat would kick my dogs ass though!! I will post pics of my doggy later, so you guys can laugh at me.
  15. the only pic I have of my cat is when I had braces, didn't drive, and it was during a snow storm... (loaded on my PC anyway...) I'll post some as soon as I get them...
  16. Yes, at Ronler Acres. Cool dog
  17. This is the email address for the breeder that I went to. She is located in Salem, OR. She has about 5 left, and they are all very nice. All diff configs of blue and white. Parents are both show dogs and real nice. I defintely recomend her. Dont worry about the little dog, mine got along great with a 8 lb pomeranian! [email protected] is her email .............Jon, when are we going to start modding him, lol
  18. Nice lookin' dog Jesse
  19. just keep in mind that the first 2 years of a pits life is how they will be for the rest of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is a fact peace