My new engine is a dog!!

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by crushnut, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. Summit Racing has the Ford Motorsports cams. Do a search for "FMS Cam" and it should show up in the results. Jegs might have it too.
    Part nos. are FMS-M6250-A312 and FMS-M6250-A311 they are around $80 at Summit.
  2. Well........... I did some more tuning, and it is running better now, not the best but it is good enough for me. I took it out on the highway for the first time and man does it scream in the upper rpm's. I was cruising at about 55 and hit the gas and before i knew it i was up at 100 and still pulling, it would of kept going if i wouldnt of let off. Just thought i would give you guys an update, i probably will still do a cam swap when the weather gets better, something more suited for my compression ratio.

    Thanks again for all the help :flag:
  3. Keep us posted :nice: By the way I ran my 331 stroker in the Ranger yesterday at the track, with the sixpack setup, thru the mufflers, 89 octane gas and street tires , it ran a best of [email protected] Not as good as I'd hoped, but I guess it ain't bad for a 3800lb truck with the aerodynamics of a brick. :D
  4. I didn't realize the Ranger weighed in at 3800 lbs.... I thought it would be much lighter than that.
  5. Mines an extended cab and that's the weight including the driver. and 20 something gallons of gas :D