My new engine

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  1. Here she is, nearly complete on the stand. Cougar was nice enough to help my drop it in the engine bay today, so it should be running early next week.
    The previous engine I built last summer died of unknown causes. The #1 cylinder knocked on startup when it was cold (to much pistons-cylinder clerance), and it recently started knocking badly until it warmed up. When I opened it up, I saw the #3 top compression ring was deformed and the bottom compression ring was broken to bits. The cylinder wall was scored, and the pistons were worn badly where the rings fit in.
    Anyway, here is the new engine in all it's glory:
    bored .030 over
    Diamond pistons
    balance rotating assembly
    the head is milled .090 for more NA compression (Hope to swap on a turbo friendly head before long ;))
  2. lol what does that put your compression ratio at...10's somewhere? what do you mean that isnt boost friendly ;) :banana:
  3. "ya ot ta spray 'yat thing or somethin"

  4. yup, just a hair under 10:1 is what I'll have, and that is with dish pistons. It would be over 12:1 with flat tops. :crazy:
  5. is 12:1 even streetable with this motor? guessing octane would be your friend!

    ps: Pics look great (they werent showing when i first looked) :nice:
  6. I have dish pistons, so it is only 10:1. 12:1 would definatly require something a little more than 93 octane.
  7. Looks good man, I would like to see the numbers that thing puts down. Are you going to have this one dynoed too? Keep up the good work and be sure to take some pics. :nice:

  8. My new engine for my Thunderbird is nearing completion (sort of), but I don't think I'll be able to install it this summer anyway. One of the guys I work with is leaving next week, meaning we're gonna be short-handed for the rest of the summer and I probably won't be able to get off enough time to install my engine (plus I don't even have everything I need for it yet)

    But then, maybe that's not a totally bad thing as it will give me some time to buy some other parts that I wanted but couldn't afford right now.
  9. SWEEET!(a la Hemi commercial, not the same motor, but certainly the same sentiment: that motor looks great!) :nice:
  10. be glad when you are turbo'd again.
  11. So when you swap the turbo head on you will be at normal compresson right? I am really curious to see what that thing does N/A, i think its the first n/A performance rebuild i have seen on the site.

    I really need to start on my engine, How much have you guys been spending on your machine work. I wanna get mine done but i dont want to do it cheaply. I want the rotating assembly balanced, and the block hottanked and honed. Then i will just rering it and swap. Anyone have an estimate for that? I might have to wait till i get a real job (I have a degree now and its NOT in retail)

  12. I paid about 100 for a complete balance of the rotating assembly, and 70 for the block to be clean up, decked, aux bearings installed and everything else except boring it over.