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    1987 Merkur XR4TI engine
    150000 km's (90000 miles)
    ran great before removed about a month ago
    has a little shaft play in the turbo
    cracking vaccum lines

    Overall in good shape for only $400 :lol: it also came with a T-9 trans (will swap to a T-5 when the swap is done this fall)

    Going to get the computer and VAM on thursday (he forgot them:bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: )

    I'm so happy:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Edit* it also has a cracked E3 manifold which I'm going to get welded this weekend
  2. Don't even bother trying to fix the E3. Seriously. It'll just crack again.

    Buy an E6.
  3. I want one too!!
  4. don't have the $$$ to get one, spent most of my money on the engine, plus I can get the E3 fixed for free.

    I stripped a bolt on the exhaust manifold (3rd from left to right) and now I have stopped working on it till I buy a set of stripped bolt removers, then I'll pull it apart to the head and block. Then paint it:nice:

    I wont rebuild it because it looks like it has been rebuilt no to long ago (new front seals, cam, followers, lifters, timing belt)

    Anyone got some ideas on how to get the stripped bolt out without killing myself?:nono:
  5. OK. Be sure to let us know how happy you are when the E3 cracks again and you have to replace it anyway.

    If you can't afford to spend $40 (or less) on an exhaust manifold, I think your budget may be a little too tight to be worrying about motor swaps.
  6. I have $100 now (bought top end gaskets, boost gauge, and a socket set to get the f-en bolt out) I'll try and get an E6 or a bobs log before I install the engine this fall
  7. Got the bolt out and going to finish stripping it down to the head and block, then going to clean the **** out of it, then paint and wait for gaskets on thursday, put it together and wait...

    Edit* easy out sockets suck, just pound a 9/16's socket in there and start spinning
  8. Sweet, I'm jealous.
  9. That is no lie.

    It's a lot easier to replace that thing now then later on down the road inside of a car. Don't be in a hurry to make life hard on your self in the future. Just save your money and do it right the first time.
  10. You have more mechanical skills than me, Good luck with the swap
  11. Enginepaint.disassemble001.jpg
    Took the engine apart to the point where I'll start painting and adding parts. Soon the transmission will be polished just for the hell of it and start putting it together and I'm still trying to find a welder that wont want an arm and leg for a 2" weld

    I don't have much on the way of mechanical skills, I learn from trial and error. But I''m smarter than the avg 15 year old :D
  12. You are so lucky!
  13. Seriously, WTF? Why bother? That's a lot of time invested into something for no reason, not to mention it's time that could better put toward something more constructive.
  14. Its something to do over summer plus what else is there to do except polish the loe and upper intake as well as the exhaust?

    I'm pulling the engine next year to have it rebuilt so thats when I'll get the head ported
  15. Seriously, listen to Red_LX!

    Start porting and polishing the intakes. You can get those things shinning and it's something people can see instead of some trasnmession thats going to look like butt the first day on the road. The best part is you'll probaly see some gains from it.

    Also, I would go ahead and rebuild the motor now instead of waiting a year to pull it. Sure it will take time to save up money but atleast you only do it once.
  16. I can't wait 12 months for me to save money for a rebuild, thats just crazy.

    I'm looking for carbide burs and sanding rolls to no luck. I'm trying my best but its kinda hard with a ****y air compressor and no job
  17. I spent 2 years building my engine. And I think it was worth it.
  18. I just found out my exhaust is an E6 and its cracked so I'm going to get it welded for sure now. I'm going to hit the city next weekend and look for porting tools and see if there is anything else that I might need (bolts, turbo, etc)

    Anyone know how to got the turbo and exhaust manifold separated without stripping the bolts?

  19. There must be something I'm missing?

    Tell me about it...

    I'm saving up as we speak for a motor and trans for my 87' T-type Regal. There is no telling how long it's going to take but she will be bullet proof. I'm just too damn lazy in my old age to be pulling motors everytime I turn around lol
  20. Yup, 15 and live in a very small town, the only job I can have right now is working in a store, but they wont call me back after 5 resumes :bang: