1. OIC.

    Well if I was 15 years old I wouldn't even think about working lol. Once you start it never stops :( Just worry about getting an education and cars want be a problem.
  2. This is as far as the engine is now, just have to remove the turbo from the manifold, drill holes at the end of the crack and cut a V grove in it, get it welded put it on and its ready for the swap
  3. this brings me back to when i did my merkur swap. mine wasnt that dirty though LOL be prepared to fork out to rebuild it. i spent about a grand rebuilding mine. i picked up a complete merkur (not running, needed a little time, and smarts)
    its lookin good! keep us updated on it!

    PS i have an E6 manifoldyou just pay $30 plus shipping (i assume about 15 bucks) and its yours.
  4. ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess that crack in my manifold is bigger than I though. Its ****ing HUGE!!!! I had to redrill a hole (as you can see) because it just kept going...
  5. Now are you sure thats an E6 manifold?
  6. Its an E3, I went on stingers site and he called his an E6 and it looked the exact same as mine so... my bad lol

  7. Ya, the E6 has a little more meet around the area where your manifold is cracked. Just get ready for it to crack again...probaly sooner than later. I would take up hyperse7en on his E6 before I tried using a welded up E3.

    Best of luck,
  8. I would take him up but I'll be upgrading to a bedder one this upcoming summer so I'll just wait for now, plus the engine will be stock for now as well because snow + power = ditch
  9. eeeh.......have you looked at the price of an aftermarket head lately?? i would spend the money on a rebuild before i spent it on a header. thats just me though.
  10. Well atleast you'll have plenty of experience in pulling manifolds come next Summer. So what is your goal for this car anyways? You must be planning something pretty serious if you need something better than a stock manifold?
  11. I want a 450-500 HP car, pushing 25PSI on a daily basis and run 30-35 PSI on the track, with no pinging and all on pump gas.

    I hope this aint to much to ask lol
  12. That isn't a unreallistic goal and a Ported E6 should do just fine. I would apply that money for a header towards a T3/T4 hybird. This will bolt right up to a stock manifold and is good for 450hp. You'll need a FMIC as well. The stock ones don't handle much more than 20psi I think but the hoses clamps usualy blow off around 18psi. It's been a while but that should be pretty close. The rest is typical stuff like built motor and a nice head.
  13. Anyone got an E6? no one around me will touch my manifold for less that $40, so what the hell.

    Shipping I have no clue, but my postal code is s0g-4c0 (p.o. box 216)
  14. *raises hand* i have one. read pervious posts.
  15. You wanna drive that thing in the snow?

    Might consider just disconnecting the wastegate actuator over the winter....seriously.

    I have enough problems with wheelspin on wet roads in my car, I don't even try to drive it during the months of november through march.
  16. I have no option but to drive it in snow, its my only car right now.

    How much did you want for the manifold hyperse7en? If you could also figure out how much shipping is than that would be great.

    Regina Beach Saskatchewan P.O. Box 216 s0g4c0
  17. So like I said, disconnect the wastegate actuator...it'll make the car a hell of a lot more driveable in winter.
  18. I'll just turn the boost down to 5-10 PSI
  19. Well I would listen to people if you want to see that 18th birthday. Just having zero boost and a limited slip is enough fun in the snow.
  20. I guess thats true, but I wanna make it up this major hill I have to go up to get home from school, and I wanna be doing at least the speed limit lol