1. My West Texas Snow storm story...it's lame but I'm bored lol

    It never snows much here in West Texas. One year we got 9 inches which is a ton for us here in West Texas. This snow started a few hours after I got to work. They mentioned it may snow on the news but most of the time they don't know their butts from a hole in the ground. My car was a stock 84' Monte Carlo SS. When lunch time came there was atleast a foot of snow on the ground and I was hungry. So I started home and never paid much attention to my route home and ended up in an underpass. It was easiy getting down but going up was another story. The other ramp was shear snow/ice and no way I was walking out of that place. I made a running start at it but slid down about half way. Now the ramp behind me wasn't so bad, so I started backing up on it as fair as I could without sliding. Then I would nail it and finnaly made it...about 5 trys later. Thinking back on it I thank God I didn't slid into some piller going for speed. Anyhow, I took it easy the rest of the way home which was about 10 miles from work. The fastest I could get out on the hwy was 30~mph.

    Well once I got home I swaped cars with my mom for her 97' Grand Am. There was no way in hell she was going anywhere with snow on the ground lol So I headed back to work which was about a 10 mile trip. The return trip was so much fun! I could do 60mph easy and 70mph with the rear end fish tailing :D Hey, NO one was on the road and it was 6 lanes wide so what the heck. Oh and that over pass, once again I forgot about it...hey it's just right outside my office door. Anyways, that thing was simple with ma's old Grand Am. That car had about 120hp and had zero issues climbing out of that underpass :nice:
  2. Studded tires :D
  3. Ya ya, it snows about once a year here and the rest of the time we run drag radials :D
  4. Trust me, you won't need boost in the snow, hills or not.

    I used to drive my old '90 2.3L Mustang year round. 88 hp, 5 speed, 3.73's with an open diff.

    And ya know what, I never got stuck or felt like I needed more power in snowy conditions.

    The problem with having boost is that it has a bad habit of coming on suddenly, and if the roads are bad you'll have no use for that extra power. Either the tire(s) will just start spinning or the back end will try to swap places with the front end. At any rate, neither is very conducive to getting anywhere.
  5. I can't run an open diff in winter and not get stuck. I'm up north where it snows a LOT! before winter I need a track lock rear end or I wont be going anywhere.

    Your stuck story is good, you never got stuck. We had so much snow in one storm that I couldn't even get my car out of the driveway because of the stupid open diff
  6. My point was mainly that you DON'T NEED any more power. I didn't even have a story.

    But if you want one, here you go- We had a storm where there was enough snow that I couldn't get my car out of the driveway because it was pushing the snow like a snowplow.

    My other point there was that I never got stuck in all the times I drove it, and there were a few times I really thought I was gonna be. If the snow was really THAT BAD and I was at home, I just stayed there.

    If I could make it up and down our driveway (which had a steep hill at the end that was often solid ice) with an open diff, I think you could manage. A little weight and good tires works wonders.
  7. Now for the rest of my boring story :D

    I never said that I've never been stuck before...just not in the snow. My mom has a small pice of land a few miles outside of town. It was a fun place growing up except the dirt road. You see we tend to get a lot of Thunderstroms. Anyhow, everytime it rainded our road would turn to crap. It always happened when either of us was at work :rolleyes: I can't count how many times we had to call for help. This also ment a long muddy walk since Cell phones wasn't all that popular...I still have trouble using my cell phone at my moms house 10 years later? Anyhow, I sold my car and bought a truck. It sucked bad but so was mud wrestling with my our cars!

    My point is you're using the wrong tool for the job. I'm guessing you don't have a lot of wheel time either. A turbocharged vehicle just isn't something a person should cut their teeth on...exspecaily in the dead of winter where it snows a lot.
  8. First car lol I want more power because I live in a very hilly area and the stock engine doesn't like going the speed limit on the hills.

    I'll disconnect the wast gate when winter comes and live (I guess) with 88 hp stock (*crying deep inside*)
  9. QFT.
  10. Ah you'll be fine.

    I was running my bird with a disconnected wastegate actuator for about a week awhile back (turbo lunched the bearings, I unhooked the actuator to minimize the damage). This car probably outweighs yours by a good bit.

    Honestly, around town, you barely noticed the turbo wasn't on there (thank god these engines have some bottom end grunt, even with 8:1 compression). And I could still run it on the highway fairly decent.

    The nice thing about having the turbo on there but disconnected is that when you run it up to about 3000 RPM or so, you can still get a pound or two of boost which helps on the big hills on the highway or whatever.
  11. As long as it makes it up hills at the speed limit I'll be happy
  12. holy, you've been busy sleeper, we've been wondering where you went at the other site. good thing you've got energy.
  13. what kind of paint did you use to get that chrome like look

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  14. Its high temp silver paint from duplicolor, paid $5 for it, looks good and it can be painted on anything because it can withstand 1250*F temperatures :D
  15. Wait you mean the intake?

    I just used a metal wire wheel and polished it :D
  16. I got bored tonight so I started polishing my turbo just for the hell of it. I'll post some pictures when its done (hopefully by tomorrow night)
  17. Not gonna happen on pump gas...sorry.
  18. I'm trying to figure out if you are joking or not. I get the impression you aren't though.

    No way in hell would I even think of trying to make 500hp with a ported E6. That's like restrictor plate racing. Sure it's fast but it's a hell of a lot faster without the restrictor.

    sleeper_inc: Since you don't have a job, I'd consider scaling back your goals considerably. Maybe just running a mostly stocker for a few years would be a better idea. Not trying to rain on your parade, just being a realist.
  19. ^+1 i bought my motor with no job, by selling parts and making money doing odd jobs when i could. now that i haev a job that pays descent, im STILL having a hard time just getting money to get it running (turbo, ect) i went all out and rebuilt mine (about a grand) its an expensive engine to mod. trust me..... a job helps LOL like said above, im not trying to rain on your parade. as my dad puts it: "your trying for a nascar taste on a car washing budgett" ( i detail cars at a car dealership) well goodluck with it. keep us posted on your progress!
  20. you are a lucky some beach to find that lol i wish i were you :hail2: i cant stand my stock 4 cylinder in my lx!