1. I'll have a job this summer paying good money ($14.45 an hour, 12-14 hour days)

    I plan on getting bigger valves, porting and polishing done, stinger header, 65mm TB, .57 trim turbo, 3.5" DP, 8.8", C4, etc etc.

    Its great being 15 with no costs :D

    And damn that sucks not being able to reach my goal on pump gas *cry* I'll just try for the most I can get
  2. You friends must hate you with that money at that age. I delivered newspapers when I was 15; what are you doing that pays ~$15/hour?
  3. Yes all my buddy's hate me, worked 2 days came home with $350.

    I work as a flag person for a highway company over summer and I'm trying to get on the work force over winter (repair the company trucks/machines)

    All I do all day in summer is hold a sign :D
  4. E6?!?!?!?!? Buy a Log
  5. EXACTLY, Install that baby and you will be set......
  6. Ok (freaks lol j/k)

    Turbo is polished and waiting for the E6 to arrive (I hope soon) and then getting a transmission tomorrow if I find a 90-91 2.3 T-5 one.

    Then I'll get the VAM, Computer, and wiring harness in 2 weeks
  7. I guess I should update this topic....

    I got my boost gauge installed and made a custom mount for it so its hard to see during the day and night to others, but easy to see for me. I'll take a picture of it tomorrow because I finished it at 12am the other day and I was busy with family all day today.

    I also found out all the rest of the parts should be here next week. (VAM, VAM connector, Computer, E6 (thanks hyperse7en))

    I'm grabbing a T-5 ASAP and also when my dad gets time to drive me into the city (he's the only one that will let me get parts lol)

    Wish me luck still. Go for my drivers test next month on the 14th :D
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  9. Is 20psi high enough? ;)

    Heh, if you run out of travel, you can do like the Group B rally cars had in the mid-'80s:


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  10. 20 is enough for now since I don't have an intercooler and I'm new to turbo's (plus there is crap gas stations around me without premium)
  11. Welcome to my hell everyone

    Cracked E3
    3" crack....

    Cracked E6
    2 1/4" crack...

    Oh well. Since I have nothing to do for a little while and I'm getting the E6 welded next month and the E3 brazed next week (I hope) I started to port the E3. Keep in mind its not done yet, I hope to have it finished tonight or tomorrow

    Stock E6 (forgot to get before pictures of the E3 so this will do)

    Half ported E3

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  12. You might just want to get an aftermarket header like a BOB or Stinger. Take a look in the new MM&FF they did some mods to an SVO and pulled a lot of power from it before they went to 22psi and Fed the motor.

  13. Which issue was that? I have the one where they tried a few mods on a red '85.5, but I never found out which issue they continued the story afterward.
  14. I would buy a header, but I also still need a trans, intercooler, boost controller, and some gauges still, also some little parts here and there (all the things to convert to manual)
  15. the article is in the september 2007 issue of MM&FF. you should go buy it!!!
  16. I should, I'll g look for it tomorrow.

    BTW, everyone I'm happy to say I just bought a bob's log for $110 :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    I'm so happy :D
  17. It's on page 180 in that issue. They installed a Forced4 header, Stinger's downpipe (but added a cat) and an Edelbrock muffler system. I'll leave the numbers for you to find out. :)

    GREAT JOB STINGER! One day I hope to be a customer.