My new heap. Another ugly coupe

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  1. Well I went out and got another one. Decided it was going to be too much to go backwards with the other one since I wouldn't be able to use much from it. Kept some stuff from it and should be able to get the new bad ass 9in done up fro what I sold it for.

    Plan is to finish stripping it down, rotisserie it, get it blasted and in primer. This one is actually going to get paint. Got he color picked out and I'm trading the body work and paint for hours in a turbo kit he wants. So it shouldn't cost me too much in paint. He works where they do 10-40k paint jobs.

    New setup should be 408, Glide, 80-88mm, AC, and talking with Steve Moris planning for 800-1000 on 91octane.
    I really want to drive it to the track with the AC on, beat up race cars on 91 and drive it home. Hopefully somewhere in the 5's would be nice. Having to go to a 29.5x13.5 slick for this track. Guys with ladder bars going 5.60's wrecking there. So what do you guys think ? In over my head ? Between the $$ and time, this may take a while. I have lots of parts stored so at least I have things to do for a while. Hvae lots to think about like where to stick the AC, or IC for that matter. Wonder which is the bigger twist for me, the AC or paint :lol:

  2. Looks like you have your work cut out for you. Should be a fun project. Keep us updated.
  3. is that a slant 8 in there???
  4. :rlaugh:
  5. i want more details on that red 67/8 with the blackout panel on the lift.
  6. Looks like a 69 to me. :)
  7. you may be right...I can't quite tell if the tailights are curved with the panel or not.

    in fact...i think your right...they look like they bulge in the middle a little bit now that i look real close at it.

    either way, i like the 69's more anywho :D good eye man ;)
  8. Looks like that one is going to take a heaping dose of courage!

    Good luck.
  9. That is a heap, and I like it. :D
  10. Yeah, it's a 69. Has a 351C and a 5 speed. Doing the front and rear suspension and tightening up some things for him.

    Chipping away at it. Going to add up the receipts this time, although I know I shouldn't. Getting good deals on stuff left and right for a few months now. I'd be very happy to get it done under 2-2.5 years. We'll see.
  11. That is an ugly coupe. No doubt that will change for the better. :nice:

    Can I have those Toyota pickup wheels on the front when you're done with 'em? :p
  12. Lol dude that's what i said when i saw that pic
  13. Yeah, you can have them. I was wondering. Knew them from somewhere other than Ford.
  14. This is the 88mm compared to the 80mm.

    Hell if I know where it's going. Looked at 80 and 83mm, and what guys have done with them on my size engine, and I would max it with tons of back pressure to get about 900rwhp. So one day may go there, but don't want to change the who setup to do it. Do it now, get it over with. Where is the ac going to go ? :nonono:

    Long ways to go. Waiting on the rotisserie to come back so I can start some of this.
  15. You gonna use a Tial wastegate???:rlaugh:
  16. im in san diego too, where is your shop located? i wouldnt mind checking out your work sometime. cool falcon on the lift too.
  17. In Santee, come on by. We can talk about that PM. Maybe an off and on thing, who knows. Still can't keep up.

    Mario, gonn ause two 40's like the 69 FB. Cheaper than one big one, and still larger than a 60mm.
  18. I'll sell you mine cheap...........good for 15+ psi:D
  19. Wow that 88 is big! Where are you going to put it? In the trunk? Some of the guys that are traction limited are doing it. Sure would be a lot easier and would move 50 pound to the rear.
  20. easier, but couldn't imagine trying to spool it all the way back there. lol It'll stay up front. I don't want it too complicated, or any more than it has to be. But who knows if up front will be easier. :p I heard Murillo moved his 88's back to the front because of wheel stands he couldn't control. :shrug: I'd LOVE to put it dead center and facing front for the "OH ****" factor, but don't see how it would all work with a condenser and what not. Who knows, just thinking out loud.