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  1. Just curious, who did you purchase your sheet metal from? What company? How does it fit and how good is the quality?
  2. I got it from scott drake. my guess is it's a dyna corn qrtr. So far so good. Looks straight,too.A lot of times we see qrtrs at the body shop that look beat to hell down the side.
  3. Have you or anyone else on here ever bought sheet metal from Mustangs Unlimited? If so, what is your opinion of the quality of their sheet metal? I buy stuff from them all the time, but the only time I've ever bought sheet metal was just recently. I bought a front passenger side fender apron (where the battery sits) and it fit really good. Only some minor trimming on one edge against the shock tower. I was really pleased with it, but then again I've never compared it to other sheet metal from other companies. Your thoughts????
  4. Most of the stuff you buy comes from the exact same place over seas. The only real difference we've noticed is the dynacorn stuff. Which I think is what this is.
    Trimming next to the shock tower is totally normal for any supplier. But never bought anything from MU. I'm a scott drake dealer, so that's where I get 99% of it.
  5. So I assume the Dynacorn stuff is American made? So what's the difference between the Dynacorn sheetmetal and sheetmetal from over seas? Metal thickness? Fit?

    I've read articles in my Mustang magazines about Dynacorn and how they are reproducing Mustang bodies. I think that's so awesome they're doing that. I'd love to buy a couple of them in the near future. Better quality and a fresh start on a new car, not a rust bucket that needs repaired...
  6. Yeah, I forget where. Wanna say Texas, but it's made here. Quality of the metal is just better. IDK if the over seas crap is made with recycled metal or what. But it welds like ****. You'll start a roset (sp?) weld and start to run it out to the panel and as soon as it hits the panel the crap explodes.
  7. That's good to know...Interesting you said that. The fender apron I bought from Mustang's Unlimited must have been made pretty good cuz it welded real nice and didn't explode nor did we have any problems welding it. Makes me wonder if it's made over seas or not.
  8. How to use race inspired parts and eat your cake,
    Shouldn't be any more shaking in the car with these than would have been it attached to the K-member.(hopefully)
    Gonna mount what I need, then trim it up a bit to make it look good, anodize of powder coat it.


  9. Not bad then. Some of will weld fine, the bam. Did a one piece pan and hated every minute of it.
  10. Biggest thing I think you can fit in these cars. Notched the framerail just a bit to get it down and in. AC had me a little worried about running warm. but with a turbo blanket and SS exhaust, hopefully no worries.

    Split and flattened where the voltage regulator used to be, and trimmed back the core support.


    Going to move the lower to the same side as the top hose again, so a baffle is needed to make it a double pass. Don't forget the hole in the baffle if you do this. Makes the system easier to bleed.


    Poly bushings welded in, both sides

  11. K, car is within 1/8 measured from the rockers forward. I'll worry about that back later when I can get the doors back on. The car is welded to the table now, good and sturdy like.
    Started the fun part. Been waiting on the flanges to be water jet.

    towers or no, this sucked. The second tube is always the hardest. Have to make sure there is room the the other two. I could have taken the easy way out and done a bunch of 90's, But this is a closer to equal, and all the tubes will be long enough the SS can have plenty of room to move around. Will not tell you how long two f'ng tubes took to get it how I wanted. But, so far I was able to use all larger radius 2in bends.

  12. Haha, thanx a lot guys. Can really drive you up the wall trying to get them to do what you want. But I love building headers.:tard:

    Once the hard ones were done, the 3rd wasn't that bad, but the last tube felt the need to cause problem. But glad these aren't someone else's, Pretty proud of these. These need to be on my car lol.

  13. i think you're wrong dude. they need to be on MY car ;) they look great bro you should be proud of em.
  14. Looks good Dustin!!
  15. i was wondering how far this project got... so much fun :D
  16. Nice work! :nice:
  17. what brand of valve cover are those? they look like the spectre fab'ed ones
  18. Looks really good. Nice header work. :)
  19. Thanx guys.
    I know they aren't the spectre valve covers or the pro comps. I forget to be honest. BUt I had never heard of them. The rails looked nice and flat. I got them because they have the long allens in them. No more reaching down into the engine bay to fish out nuts. Studs make that easier, but these just worked easier for me with the coil on plug mounting points also.
  20. this thread is awesome, dude you put so much detail into every thing you do. any thought on the spectre fabd covers ? they are only like $120 from summit.
    the procomp, spectre, summit, hamburger performance brand covers all look identical. just like the ones you have. i wonder if any of them are from the same supplier?