My new heap. Another ugly coupe

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  1. Never seen the spectre stuff. But some of their stuff is good, some is utter junk. I think the pro comp ones are 104ish ? Pro comp has finally started putting baffles in them. before you;d have to weld them in, and try like hell no to burn the clear anodizing on the other side.
  2. Squeeze this side when the 4th tube is done and they'll look alike. Just have to wait until I can get the rack in there for the steering shaft.


    This is where my IC will go...or have two of them. One on each side with twins, and twin throttle bodies. or I was thinking today about just knock out the firewall and apron and making it two wide right there, single throttle body. I thought about running the single turbo, with twin IC's, and twin throttle bodies,too.

    I should just do the single because I like it so much more. I've got everything figured out so far to cure the big single short comings on this car except the filter size possibly being a (huge)restriction.May just have to merge two filters to keep up lol
  3. it's comming around :O that engine/headers are going to look wicked.
  4. Thanx rebel. Well the 88mm will be shipping out Monday. As much as I wanted a huge single twins makes more sense for a few reasons. Performance over aesthetics. Oh well, twins is pretty sexy I guess. :(
  5. Yeah, must be rough....I truly feel for you.....:rolleyes:
  6. Hey, I died a little inside when I had to sell that thing. Definitely going to need some consoling. Wanna gimme a hug ?? :)
  7. What are the twins?
  8. The extended tip BW 366's.They're on a 72mm turbine and 91 AR's. HE went 5.40's in a 3400 lb truck with them, and made 1148 rwhp on 24 psi on a 372w. But they came in too hard and he didn't want to buy boost controller to calm them down lol. 15 passes on them and he's sending the oil lines, oil flanges, Dp's w vbands, and SS turbo inlet flanges. I bought him a 480 w a race cover. Scored on this deal :banana::banana::banana:
  9. I would say you did score. That is a nice set of twins!
  10. Hells yeah. I felt kinda bad, but he knew. He only wanted 1300 for them on YB anyways. But Dave won't send the turbo to him until I call him and let him know the turbos are OK.

    Since we know what direction with the turbos finally, was able to start these. I baffled the inside like usual, and I'll get the water ends on soon, then get these things mounts. Then on the the tubes, see where they need to go
    Sneaking in a little time before and after work a bit

  11. Water tanks capped on this one, 12 an in and out made into a double pass.
  12. Now THAT's funny!:lol:

    Not only was it a slant 8, but also a 'crooked' slant of only 1 ever made. Very rare.

    I thought I had a to that mine looks like a piece of cake. Good luck with it.
  13. Why didn't Ford put in vacuum canisters like that from the factor for the AC ?

    That was a joke...
  14. are those IC's gonna fit under the fenders? i dont recall that much space there, unless you're cutting into the wheelwell by the tires
  15. They better fit. I had the fender on and off enough times. If it doesn't fit I did something really wrong lol. Just had to remove the splash guard.
    I got the twins in so I'm mocking up the acc's so I can mount the rack and hydro boost. I made more changes. :(
  16. Yay for the hydroboost. Which unit are you using ?
  17. I got it off ebay for 157 shipped. From a 94-04 I think it was. I couldn't resist. I'm a dealer for uni steer. So buy the time I do pump from them, rack from autozone w/o core, and this, I'll have under 450 in the setup without lines. Should make fgoot braking into boost a breeze. :banana:
  18. Got an earful for the wife but came in on Sunday for a bit to finish these up. Have to do something or it'll never get done. They've been in a box already back purged and waiting. Just had to find time and motivation.



  19. Damn thats nice! Next you'll be doing inconels for F1!! :nice::flag:

    Note for everyone else: THIS GUY CAN WELD!
  20. great work. i was wondering how this car was coming along